Save Lilliana…a grandmother’s fight to save her granddaughter..

(LFC Comments: A part of our mission is to give the average citizen a forum to present their views when they believe that they have been wronged by our political system.

This case involves a granddaughter that was living with the child’s father and paternal grandmother, Luciana Constantino.  The child’s paternal grandfather, John Vitantonio, Sr. and his new wife, with the help of their attorney, Paul Malchesky,  were successful in convincing the court to remove the child from her home and award permanent custody to the paternal grandfather.   Luciana has contacted all of her elected officials.  Here is correspondence with her State representative – Bride Rose Sweeney.  Let us see if Ms. Sweeney really cares about her constituents, or does the cabal also extend into the court system where they have each other’s back.

If anyone has any words of advice for Luciana, please let us know, and we will forward your message. )

Ms. Sweeney,
I contacted you last year regard the kidnapping of my granddaughter, Lilliana, with assistance from corrupt public officials in Lake County, OH.
While I have not heard from you, I did hear back from your assistant, Riley Alton on December 18, 2019. I emailed him with more information regarding this matter and he called me back last month.
Unfortunately, Mr. Alton’s only solution to this crime committed against us, is for me to get an attorney to help me. This is not a solution, as I would be requesting assistance from those affiliated with the ones involved with my granddaughter’s kidnapping. We have already spent approximately $20,000 with attorneys, who’s loyalty we have learned and it has been documented, is to the courts and not to their paying clients.
Ms. Sweeney, as the Ohio Representative for my district, I expect you to take this matter seriously. To date, this has not been done. This serious issue has been given to your young assistant Mr. Alton, who doesn’t return calls unless I continue to email him asking him to. He has failed to offer any form of assistance into looking  into this serious matter involving our Kidnapped Child! He promised to call me back within a week or so after last month’s call but has failed to do so, again.
From the way things stand, according to those you have assisting you in your offices, the citizens in your district can have their rights trampled on, and if they cannot afford to continue paying an attorney, then it’s just too bad. They’re just out of luck! Or if due process is denied to them, they will be asked to pay a member of the exact same society who violated many laws, including due process laws, to help them.
Well this isn’t working for myself and for many others. Especially for my granddaughter who is being abused and your offices, as well as many other Ohio public officials, are guilty of not stopping the abuse and are guilty of allowing such corruption in Ohio to continue.
I am providing a link at the bottom of this email, it is a Live Interview I did on 01/03/2020 with Northwest Liberty News. The Facebook link has close to 4,000 views. It has many views as well on Youtube and Twitter.  I explain how laws were broken by corrupt public officials which ultimately led to the kidnapping of my granddaughter Lilliana, with their assistance. The more time that passes, the more damage is being caused “unnecessarily” to Lilliana and the more corruption I am finding, that these officials are involved in. I will never stop fighting to bring Lilliana back home and to bring to justice, everyone involved.
Once again Ms, Sweeney, my granddaughter,Lilliana, was illegally taken from myself and from the custody of my son. We were never served with notice of the trial for custody and a custody trial was held, behind closed doors and custody was given away. There were absolutely no issues regarding the care and custody of Lilliana beforehand, she was well taken care of in a beautiful home, loved immensely and lived a beautiful life. Now she is suffering physical and psychological abuse!
I will also include a link below to her website where I have listed the corrupt public servants who assisted in this crime. Also, I have attached our petition with signatures, with I started just a couple of weeks ago, and with comments of hundreds of concerned citizens, who are demanding an investigation of these corrupt public  officials and demanding the return of Lilliana.
I would expect that as our district representative, you would stand up and fight for our rights and fight to protect this innocent child and fight to bring to justice the criminals involved in this crime. I realize you must have some sense of fear and questions of job security involving such a fight against corrupt officials, but you are our district representative and it is your job to do everything you can. When you took this job, I assumed you would do your best.
Ms Sweeney, I have documented evidence of everything I am saying. Everything! I hope to hear back from you within the next couple of days, as this is a matter of urgency, regarding a helpless, innocent child suffering damages that continue to compound as each day passes. Will you be the brave one to demand justice and protect the citizens in y our district from having their civil rights and human right violated by corrupt public officials? Or will you join them, in keeping Ohio one of the most corrupt states in the nation?

I will be praying that God leads you to do the right thing and have this crime investigated, as it should be.

Signed by Luciana Constantino


“Crimes and Criminal Procedure”

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  1. This is sad to hear, however reality is this happens everyday in Lake County, and all over America for that matter. These cases get tried in courts of equity and not courts of law. Judges use their “judgement” to determine who should get custody, you can lose custody of your children simply because a judge doesn’t like you or thinks the other half would do a better job. They don’t need to prove you are unfit, or even suspect that a parent is unfit to take away their children. Just a hunch that someone else would be better.

    Usually that hunch comes from a lawyer who has donated to the judges reelection campaign. If you go to court for custody in Lake County and your lawyer did not generously donate to the judge hearing the case and the other lawyer did, you are toast… Judges should have to either not accept donations from lawyers or recuse themselves from cases involving lawyers that have donated to them. Of course if that was how it worked every case in Lake County would be transferred out of Lake County due to a lack of judges.

    If someone were to look up “W’s” vs “L’s” of cases where one lawyer has donated to the judge and the other has not the results would make you sick to your stomach.

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    • Mr. Weaver, thank you for standing up for the average citizen. I have yet to meet a retired lawyer that will do pro bono work for the average citizen. If there are any patriot lawyers out there willing to stand up for the truth, please contact us at

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    • Corruption is rampant in lake county! when is something going to be done about it and finally get this good old boys club out of here for good?


      • A high ranking elected official in Lake County told us that Lake County is considered the “gold standard” for politics in the State of Ohio. What does that tell you about our society.


  2. is Luciana’s ex husband the father of her son ? I can’t understand the connection to the granddaughter.


  3. Thank you Mr. Weaver for your comment and for enlightening people on what’s really going on here. Thank you Lobbyists for Citizens for giving me a voice. This is without a doubt, the kidnapping of a little innocent girl named Lilliana, with assistance from corrupt public servants in Lake County, Ohio.

    Lilliana’s teachers, her friends parents, all these people think that Lilliana is living a normal life in the care of her grandfather and his wife. This is not the case! They all need to be made aware that my granddaughter “Lilliana is a victim of corruption” in that county, that led to her being illegally taken from her loving father and from our loving home, for absolutely no reason, except that John Vitantonio SR and his wife Julie Freeman-Vitantonio wanted to use Lilliana as a tool, to hurt her father John Vitantonio Jr and to hurt me. It sickens me that corrupt government officials have this type of power and use it to knowingly, willingly and maliciously hurt an innocent child.

    Why has the FBI covered up this crime? The FBI says on their website that Civil Rights Violations is one of their main priorities to investigate and that when public servants given so much power, abuse their power and violate citizens civil rights, that the FBI investigates this. Yet they have not investigated the kidnapping of Lilliana. Ask yourself WHY?

    I wonder if it could be, because John Vitantonio SR’s brother is Ohio’s “special prosecutor” Dominic Vitantonio. I’m so sick of all the favors these public servants in Ohio do for each-other “especially” when it involves destroying an innocent child’s life!

    I wonder if they do not understand that God is watching their every move. I wonder when a God-Fearing Patriot in our government will finally stand up and do something to save Lilliana and get her back home to us where she belongs. I wonder when these public servants of Lake County, Ohio will be made to answer for their crimes against Lilliana, against her father and against us!

    Each day that passes and nothing is done to end this criminal activity, is another day that Lilliana is caused more damage, forced to live a life without her father and without her baby sister and without me! Lilliana was living in my home already for “ONE YEAR” when the corrupt Paul Malchesky, Magistrate Janette Bell and Judge Karen Lawson committed this crime against us all and never served me with notice of this trial for custody, they just gave custody of Lilliana away and if she were a bicycle or something!

    These people are a disgrace! We DEMAND the return of Lilliana and a FULL INVESTIGATION into these corrupt public servants in Lake County Ohio, who did this!

    Thank you again “Lobbyists for Citizens” for giving us a voice and for everything you do to make transparent, everything done by our elected public servants! God Bless You!

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  4. Well, our State Representative Bride Sweeney just removed my comment from her official social media facebook page. Don’t worry, I took a screenshot and saved it “before” she removed it.

    Judge Paul Malchesky did the same thing just last week from his official social media page. A screenshot also was taken and saved before he removed it.

    Don’t they know the law and realize that it is a violation of our First Ammendment Rights for them to be doing this?

    Of course they know! They just do not care because the laws do not apply to them it seems!

    Truth be told, they do not want the public made aware of THEIR involvement, in the crimes committed against us, or their failure to intervene and stop this crime from continuing against an innocent child, my granddaughter Lilliana!


  5. Yes he is. Lake County Ohio Juvenile Court Corrupt Public Servants assisted him in the kidnapping of Lilliana, his own sons child. All done ILLEGALLY because he wanted to hurt our son, so he contacted the right corrupt people, they never properly notified us of the trial and committed a CRIME behind closed doors with help from:

    Judge Karen Lawson
    Judge Paul Malchesky
    Magistrate Janette Bell
    Atty Rebecca Castell

    Those are the FACTS!

    My Live Interview with NWL News


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