The Party of Death…evil incarnate

“It’s A Matter of Life…”
Written by “Anonymous One”

pure evil image

This past week’s “cloture” votes on two pro-life bills in the Senate make millions of Americans sick to their stomachs and exemplify the fact that we are in a spiritual war against dark forces. After refusing to be present during testimony supporting the bills, like ancient Roman emperors, one Democrat Senator after another entered the chamber and  gave the mockingly, callous “thumbs down” gesture and voted a loud “NO” against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Act (S.3275) and the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (S.311). When the bills were defeated and with total lack of decorum they joyously celebrated with high-fives and laughter.

At about 20 weeks doctors begin surgeries to save babies lives. S.3275 sought to protect the lives of babies in the womb who can feel pain. S.311 did NOTHING TO RESTRICT ABORTION.  It would ONLY have guaranteed that babies who survive an abortion receive medical care and don’t spend their last agonizing minutes futilely gasping for breath only to be discarded as medical waste when they die. It wasn’t a difficult bill to support –We won’t kill babies that survive an abortion. Yet, there they were, one-by-one, voting “NO!” on  a bill to stop infanticide.

Speaker Pelosi recently said that for the elections democrat candidates should coalesce around their nominee with the mantra “Unity, unity, unity.” Since unfettered child murder even post birth and with with no limitations is a main goal of the democrats , a more accurate battle cry for her Party of Death would be “Evil, evil, evil.”

(LFC Comments:  No doubt, not only are we in a cultural war, but we are in a spiritual war as well.  Evil works in incremental steps, and we ask what life are they willing to “cancel” next.  Do we give a “thumbs down” to all of those that are no longer able to fend for themselves?  How about those that are not “useful” to a political party’s agenda? 

The government mandates that milk producers put an expiration date on milk products when it is past its useful life. We wonder if the government elected officials and  bureaucrats will get to determine when you are past your “expiration date”?

In our opinion, we are entering very dangerous times, and wonder how far are we are from the “cliff”.  Vote for a Democrat and we are running toward the cliff; a vote for a Republican means we are walking toward the cliff!)

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