Article V Convention…What is it?

Divided flag of the United States(LFC Comments: This may be a topic that is foreign to most readers that are not familiar with the United States Constitution.  There has been an on-going effort to convene a convention to propose amendments to the Constitution, as permitted in the Constitution. You may have heard the expression “Con-Con” [short for Constitutional Convention]. However, in light of the current state of affairs in our divided nation, it is feared by many patriots, including LFC,  that the real reason for the “Con-Con” is to basically eliminate the existing U.SConstitution.)

Here are the rules for calling a convention:

“A convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution, also called an Article V Convention or amendments convention, called for by two-thirds (currently 34) of the state legislatures, is one of two processes authorized by Article Five of the United States Constitution whereby the United States Constitution may be altered. Amendments may also be proposed by the Congress with a two-thirds vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.”…Wikipedia

We received the following article from an ardent patriot, Fred Deming, warning everyone about the real intent of the current, duplicitous politicians’ call for a “Con-Con “.

Here is a link to the SJR 2 proposed legislation mentioned by Fred.

    When I call each Senator , here is my rant I am going to tell each one point blank…

      “Senator….Voting no on SJR 2 would be the simplest solution on this debacle”.  There has been NO action by any elected OHIO Representative or Senator to nullify any UN-Constitutional laws, or to curtail, rein-in, hold accountable, cut/remove or repeal any of the enormous list of un-Constitutional Welfare Programs, Spending/Foreign Aid Programs, the list is almost endless, that are in progress continually.

    The Federal Government was lawfully given 18 Powers that are “Enumerated” in Article I, Section 8 of The United States Constitution, and again secured under the 10th Amendment in The Bill of Rights, TO THE STATES OR TO THE PEOPLE!


   The “problems” that these “Conventions” are supposedly seeking to solve, are not powers given, but are powers abused, usurped, created, by the Federal Government.

     While each and EVERYONE OF YOU, have taken an “Oath of Office”, (A Binding Promise), to uphold and defend the Constitutions, and the Laws of this Country, others before have done also, and yet have proceeded into this nonsense by passing legislative affirmation to convene and participate in either an Article V Convention, or a Convention of the States.

    I pray that you see the severity of this process, and you will abandon this course of action. If the Legislatures of the States CANNOT CONTROL THE Federal Government with our current U. S. Constitution, ONE would be a FOOL to believe that re-writing this sacred document would resolve anything.

   Between the “Convention of the States” group, and the “Article V Convention” group, if any of their “GOALS” were a reality, (Balance Budget etc.), then “We” could “Enforce” submitting a “Constitutional Amendment” as had been done since the Founding of the Document (26 times) would be sufficient, and the process would have been over YEARS ago, and “WE” wouldn’t be having this conversation !!

  BUT IT IS NOT…..The “goal” is to re-write and destroy our Constitution, common sense makes it very apparent.

     Choosing a path towards a “Convention” of any kind when the State has NEVER done anything to nullify or block any type of UN-Constitutional activity is a DIRECT “Violation of your “Oath of Office”.

   Rescinding all the prior calls for any type of convention, and nullifying UN-Constitutional programs/laws would be a statement towards a strong Constitutional Government.

Senate Joint Resolution 2 calls for the convening of an Article Five Convention. This bill   ( SJR 2), has been referred to the Ohio State Senate General Government and Agency Review Committee. I have indicated below the nine State Senators who serve on this committee, along with their phone numbers. This information has been revised and updated.

  Please call EACH of them, and make sure they understand the severity of their action.
  One thing is definitely an “Absolute”. YOU ARE EITHER FOR THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA….Or YOU are against it !
   What say yee?

     Kirk Schuring ( Chairman ); ( 614 ) 466-0626          Frank Hoagland ( 614 ) 466-6508
     Sean O’Brien ( 614 ) 466-7182                                     Michael Rulli ( 614 ) 466-8285
     Hearcel Craig ( 614 ) 466-5131                                    Louis Blessing ( 614 ) 466-8068
     Vernon Sykes ( 614 ) 466-7041                                    Tim Schaffer ( 614 ) 466-8076
     John Eklund ( 614 ) 644-7718 ( this phone number is correct)


Written by:  Fred Deming

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2 replies

  1. I respectfully disagree with the conclusion of Mr. Deming. If this were something that was being proposed by the left, then there would be reason to question the intention.

    But this has been proposed by those who clearly support the Constitution and who do not want to “re-write or destroy” the Constitution. At present, too much has already been done to accomplish the objective of re-writing and destroying the Constitution.

    The clear intent of the supporters of this approach is to utilize the authority granted by the Constitution to make amendments for the purpose of strengthening the Constitution in areas where its original intent has been altered.

    Since the power is concentrated in Washington DC and they will never do anything to diminish it but will ever seek to strengthen it, the only alternative left is for the states to utilize their constitutional right to propose amendments. Hence the movement for a convention of states. Otherwise we will continue to circle the drain until we are no longer.


    • Sorry, but we disagree with your conclusion. We have no faith in our lawmakers to do the right thing. Assuming that we have some righteous lawmakers, they can be bamboozled by the evil ones to destroy the Constitution. In our opinion, it is far too risky to attempt a Constitutional Convention at this time. We are having a difficult time discerning the left from the right these days.


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