It’s A Matter of Life…let’s end the deceptions, shall we?

“It’s A Matter of Life…”

Written by:  ‘Anonymous One’

tangled web of deceptionWe have witnessed the endless hateful actions and heard the evil rhetoric of this political season. Candidate after candidate deceives listeners with diatribes that describe child killing as legitimate “women’s health care”.


catholic values

We witness a screaming mob on the steps of the Supreme Court waiving signs that declare “Protecting Abortion Access is a Catholic Value” and . physically threatening the Justices should they not rule in the mob’s favor.

Too many dishonest leaders have, often for years and even decades , flown under the radar, unscathed by their claims to be both Christian or Catholic and, simultaneously, supporters of abortion. They have been allowed to fall back on those  tired phrases of being “personally opposed to abortion”, but unwilling to “impose their own beliefs” on others.

dectecting a deceiver

We have passively allowed politicians use their “Faith” as a political tool to get elected so they can cast more votes to kill children.

We can no longer ignore that the floodgates of anti-child, anti-family, anti-God have been opened in our country.

We must speak up. We must vote. It is incumbent upon each of us  to end this evil.

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