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(LFC Comment:  We welcome a new contributor, Dr. John J. Conrad.  We provide a forum to those that want to reasonably express themselves on a subject – even if we do not agree with the arguments.  Freedom of speech with civil discourse on a given subject is integral to maintaining our free society.)

“Baby Too”

Written by Dr. John J. Conrad

God gave us death, but for death he gave us our greatest treasure, children.

It takes on average a jury less than two weeks to decide the fate of a convicted murderer.  The average return policy of a purchased item at a store is thirty days or less. Yet, the Supreme Court allows a woman six months to decide the fate of an unwanted pregnancy.

Enforcement of this is like immigration, it is not enforced.  There are many late term abortions.  Pennsylvania and New York have just passed legislation allowing an abortion at delivery of a full term baby  Women should have the right to decide, but should they not have decided within the first two months of the pregnancy?

Especially now, when we have a pill called plan B that can be bought over the counter and prevents implantation in the first 72 hours after fertilization.  The second pill is a prescription drug, RU 486, that aborts pregnancies up to 8 weeks.

The baby at 8 weeks is starting to develop neural pathways, beyond this point you are murdering an innocent individual who has committed no crime, unlike a convicted murderer.  Yet, the Supreme Court gives a longer deliberation time on a fetus than a convicted felon.

Planned Parenthood is an unwarranted expense to the taxpayer, since abortions can now be performed with these medications.  Yes, sex can be spontaneous and not planned, but why let a baby grow within you for more than 2 months when you are just going to kill it.  It’s cruel to let it develop further, when the decision is death.

Roe vs Wade should not be overturned, but the decision for an abortion should be required by the end of the first 2 months.  Women have the “Me Too” movement, and can vote thus influencing politicians.  Babies have no vote or vote of influence.  We should choose what is morally right, which should be 2 months for the maximum period of deliberation for an abortion.  Give them a voice and join the “Baby Too” movement.

Dr. John J. Conrad


(LFC Comment:  Just for the record, we believe that Roe vs Wade is a really bad law since life, in our opinion, begins at conception.)

baby at 8 weeks

From WebMD we found this information:

Development of a baby at 8 weeks.

“The baby is now a little over half an inch in size. Eyelids and ears are forming, and you can see the tip of the nose. The arms and legs are well formed. The fingers and toes grow longer and more distinct.”

It is undeniably a human baby, and not just a mass of cells!

We offer a forum to those that believe that abortion, including at birth (infanticide), is acceptable in a civilized society.  Send your articles to

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