Democrats No. 2 Target?…Dave Joyce…HUH?

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Just “Politically Correct” Dave sent out a fundraising letter that leaves us shaking our heads in disbelief.  He, or his staff member, says he will pay a heavy price for not voting to impeach President Trump.  The Democrats are after him “big time”.  Dave Joyce fundraising letter

We can only imagine a phone conversation between Nasty Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer:

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Nancy, this is Chuckie.  Need to talk about a very serious issue that will doom us in November. Call me back, right away.

nancy pelosi pic


Hey, Chuckie it’s me Nan…nice job threatening Gorsuch and Kavanaugh the other day.  I thought you could have been even stronger. I would have made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.  I think Luca still works for Hillary and Bill….call me back a.s.a.p.  You have me worried.


chuck schumer pic
So glad I got you.  Listen we thought we should talk to you about Dave Joyce.  I know he has been a real thorn in your side. He did not vote to impeach Trump.


nancy pelosi pic


                                                                                              Who is he?



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He is a Congressman from Ohio.



nancy pelosi pic

You mean the guy that supported the bill to allow girls and boys to share locker rooms? Relax, he is almost one of us.  “Just Dave” – don’t you just love the common man  ring to the moniker he gave himself?  He just calls himself a conservative at election time…Let me do the heavy lifting  Chuckie, you work on making the Burisma story disappear. and come up with another collusion theory that we can pin on the “MAGA Man” – he is killing us….gotta go…I have an interview at CNN, and have to spin another web of lies.  They have been pushing our propaganda to the hilt. Wish me luck that I continue to dupe the useful idiots.

chuck schumer pic
Sigh…Ok,’re the boss…I’ll check to see if the “MAGA Man” has any holdings in the Maldives, wherever that is..see ya.



Our Lobbyist Chuck from Painesville Township weighs in on “Just Dave”:

It looks like you were a little premature in revoking Congressman Dave Joyce’s conservative credentials.  If you didn’t get your own personal letter from Congressman Joyce, please see the attached.

I was surprised to learn that Congressman Joyce is second only to President Trump regarding what the Democrats talk about…to get rid of that pesky conservative, Dave Joyce.

Welcome to Alice in Wonderland combined with the Twilight Zone where delusion trumps reality.

In the letter, Joyce (or whoever wrote it for him) claims, “Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats are determined to defeat me.”  So determined that they are running Hillary O’Connor Mueri against him…the same Hillary that is a common household name in at least one household in the district.

I could see that statement being true about Congressman Jim Jordan…but not about Just Dave.  He would be way down on their list.

However, in order to raise money, it is OK to sacrifice the truth.

Whenever our dear Congressman takes on the mantle of “conservative” it is usually means that it is primary season, and he has a real conservative challenging him.

Anyway, please read the letter for its amusement value.

(LFC Comment:  Could not have said it better!  If the Republican State Central Committee keeps pawning off liberals as conservatives, we are better off starting a new party.  The current Republican Party is not going to save the Republic!)

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