Child Protective Services…and a rebellious teen

LFC received an email from a Mr. Andre Dixon asking us to tell his story about the illegal removal of his children from his home.

On May 18, 2019  I (Andre Dixon) was charged with ‘assault 4’ on a young lady.

(LFC Comment: From and internet search we found out:  Assault in the fourth degree, commonly known as assault 4, is the least-serious. It involves causing some sort of physical injury to another person. The injury can be slight, as long as it impairs the person’s physical condition or causes substantial pain. Assault 4 is almost always a misdemeanor.”)

You see in the pictures below the allegations are that I strangled her.  As you can see there are no marks on her neck.


The very sad part is this is my 16 yr old daughter who was trying to sneak out of our home here in Lexington KY.   We have been to so many court dates it’s ridiculous. We have had six other children removed from our home.  It has been over fifty days without any substantiated evidence being presented.  The children are being held against their will, and we have not seen them.   We have the pediatric surgeon’s report from my daughter’s evaluation,  and it shows no medical trauma.  The Commonwealth of Kentucky targeted my children for profit.  PLEASE HELP ME!

Mr. Andre has sought help from the government of Kentucky:

Melissa Bybee-Fields
Chief Clerk
Kentucky House of Representatives
Capitol, Rm. 304 | 700 Capital Ave. | Frankfort, KY 40601 | 502-564-3900

Dear Ms. Bybee-Fields:

“Good day Ma’am.  My name is Andre Dixon, and I am the young man who filed the petition for remonstrance on Jan, 20th 2020.

I am deeply concerned with the actions of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the family court in Fayette County.  My wife and I are loving parents.   We don’t do drugs, and we don’t party.   We pay our taxes, and  we don’t receive government handouts.

This case is about a young woman, my daughter, wanting to be emancipated. And throughout this whole ordeal, some very serious mistakes and misconduct were made by CPS.   The Social Security Act outlined below that clearly states Congress never gave them the power to remove children over the objection of the parents objection.  It is with these facts, we are petitioning for remonstrance.

Thanking this great States legislators,  and  in good-faith, the undersigned:
Andre Dixon

[LFC Comments:  Remonstrance is a petition to a court, or deliberative or legislative body, in which those who have signed it request that something which it is in contemplation to perform shall not be done.]

Here is Mr. Dixon’s Petition for Remonstance:


cps 2

[LFC Comments: Mr. Dixon has told us that he has not seen his children in almost a year.  All of this heartache because a teenager wanted to disobey her parents.  Such heartache for so many people all caused by a rebellious teen.  Very sad.  We wish Mr. Dixon good luck, and hope that by telling his story we have helped in some small way.  We are starting to wonder if Child Protective Services, although started with honorable intentions, and now overstepping their authority.]

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