Economic Disaster Area…Business Owners Need to Take Action

(LFC Comments:  We received this email from a Lake County business owner.

All Lake County business owners need to read this and call Governor DeWine’s office to get them to declare Ohio a economic disaster area.  it is hard to believe that DeWine has not already done this.)

Dear LFC,

To summarize our situation:

We are a business that provides equipment and services across the U.S. and part of Canada.  The services are either sold, licensed or leased and operate in venues of a public gathering of 50 to 400 people.

As to be expected with the onset of this Covid-19 issue our customers have been closed down and as such our revenue has gone from 7 figures down to 0 over the course of the end of last week.

President Trump announced that the SBA was authorized to extend emergency loans to businesses affected by the Covid-19 situation.  These loans would come directly from the SBA and would cut out the middle man usually involving a local bank.

When we went to apply for an emergency loan we found out that the SBA could not accept our application since Ohio had not been declared a disaster area.  The responsibility of declaring a disaster is that of the Governor of the state or U.S. territory.  At the present time 16 states and the District of Columbia have already been declared a disaster.  Governor Dewine, while on TV every day, cannot find time to get this done?

I contacted the offices of Senators Portman and Brown and left messages and/or e-mails apprising them of the problem.  I did so with State Representative Jamie Callender and also with Congressman Dave Joyce’s office.  At the present time only Mr. Joyce’s office has called or e-mailed me back.  When speaking with his office the feedback they had was the State of Ohio usually declares a disaster on a county by county basis.  Right now the governor’s office is reportedly gathering feedback from businesses to determine if it would be warranted to declare Ohio a total economic disaster area rather than go county by county. (emphasis by LFC)

This is lunacy to think that by closing down all these activities you even need to question whether this is an economic disaster or not.  The State of Ohio has now been closed down for a week and they still don’t know that it is a disaster?

Please get the word out so that these imbeciles can really know what everyday people are going through.



Updated:  We just received this new email.

I just received a call back from Rep. Joyce’s office.  Ohio is in the process of requesting that Ohio be declared a disaster area today to free up emergency funding from the SBA.  No word on the time it takes to get this completed.

President Trump extended the offer on Thursday, March 12.  Ohio was put into a state of emergency by Gov. Dewine on the same day.  This request for declaration of a disaster area should have been made by Friday March 13 or Monday March 16 at the latest.  I would like to think that state and federal governments would have been open on the weekend during this time.  Perhaps that is unreasonable to ask.

Now they are looking to apply today…6 days after the fact.

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  1. Hello "Lobbyists",


    Your liberal Govenenor doesn't care, this is in their plan.


    Pres. Obama gave the CDC the authority to shut-down the USA, whenever "they" thought it was necessary and that is how this happened.


    Our wonderful Pres. Trump, then, gave the authority to the Govenor's to run their own states, presuming, they knew what their state needed better than the Feds.


    What is the real POLITICAL story behind the coronavirus?


    Search this "coincidence" for yourself, IT HAPPENED LAST OCTOBER 2019:    "The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, together with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, hosted Event 201, a multimedia global pandemic exercise on Friday, Oct. 18, 2019, in New York City".


    The seasonal flu is a type of coronavirus and according to the CDC, there were 22,000-55,000 deaths from 10/1/2019 to 3/7/202 in California.


    DEATHS due to this virus WORLDWIDE do not come close, and, the CDC reports JUST 100 deaths in the USA as of 3/18/2020.    . We've been thru many flus, SARS, MERS, swine, avian, seasonal, etc. and it's NEVER shut down this country!!!   Why this one, and, WHY now!!!!!  


    Those are the questions, I believe, we should be asking as our USA comes to a stand-still.


    AND, Hillary, during Bengazi, gave the UN the same authority to take away our guns, if they think it's necessary.





    Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 3:55 PM


    • Thank you, you have just sent us down another “rabbit hole”. We have long held the belief that nothing happens in this world without someone wanting it to happen.


    • POTUS believes in the Constitution and state’s rights. If we are to restore the Republic, DE-CENTRALIZED government is more in line. The States have to put on their big boy panties and get it done. If you look to the Federal Government for EVERYTHING…and think they know best…well it is why we are in the mess we are in now.

      A REPUBLIC requires an active citizenry. We need heavy lifters…not lazy, apathetic people who still look to the Federal government as their sugar daddy. Franklin knew enough about human nature to know we would absolutely be right where we are now one day. By the people for the people requires THE PEOPLE. We are rugged Americans! We can do this…and we will.


  2. Dumb ass DeWine was quick to accept the refugees before the deadline, if he didn’t respond before the deadline, Ohio would be automatically force to decline refugees. But not helping Ohio’s business who are suffering because of being forced to close as to not spread the coronavirus under his shutdown, not accepting Ohio as an economic disaster before the deadline twice!
    The agenda is clear. RHINO 🦏

    Is he still accepting refugees? Remember, we don’t have enough test kits for our Ohio Patriots.


  3. Hi Brian,Recent articles on the Op-Ed pages of the W.S.J. have begun questioning the wisdom of having people stay home rather than working and going about a mostly normal day (do  maintain distance from the elderly).  They make good points about the great economic damage that is occurring and will worsen with not much additional time.  Cash and loans from the government etc.,  can’t replace the positive effect of all of us working and interacting as close to normal as we discern.   The State or Federal government can’t wisely micromanage our lives.  We have to. Today, while speaking with a woman (approximately 65 to 70 yrs. old) who was working at a retail business, she shared with me her observation of recently markedly reduced vehicle traffic.   Also, that business and hospital activity in the area had clearly dropped and that it can’t continue without tremendous damage being done to our lives.  Furthermore,  she described how her emplyer  had let employees go and reduced hours of those remaining.  She also expressed her knowledge that working at the business puts her life at heightened risk.  She was nonchalant about that fact.  She said you have to go sometime from something. Rather than trying to manage the destruction of the economy and its affect on people, except for activities that directly affect older folks such as the closing of senior centers, allow all other activities to return to normal within days.  TimSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


    • We agree the impact on the economy will be felt for quite some time. Hope we are not reliving 1929. I keep thinking that there has to be much more going on than we are being told. It is my opinion that nothing happens without someone wanting it to happen. It is a political mantra: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”



  1. SBA…assistance approved for Ohio’s small business owners – Lobbyists for Citizens

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