Ultimate Aim of the China Virus?…America and the World

free speech zone(LFC Comments:  Thanks to Tabitha Korol for sending us this very revealing article on China’s deception with the Corona virus. America is under attack from multiple foreign countries, but the most dangerous enemies are the traitors that are on the inside willing to destroy our nation! Be prepared  – The Storm is coming! In our opinion, this pandemic was not caused by the Chinese eating bat soup…more likely created in a Wuhan laboratory.)

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies. He is also the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism)

Series on China, Article IV: The ultimate aim of the China virus .
Written by Barry Shaw

In the game of world domination, as the world descends into chaos and breakdown, the Chinese leadership looks on. Officials of this Communist regime look smilingly at the meltdown of the West.

The China virus is a relay race to help the Communist regime achieve world domination.

The race began in China by a combination of social and governmental mores that have infected the world with health, social and economic despair.

This is a deadly Chinese relay race in which tens of thousands are dying, and the starting point was, once again, China, a country that apparently learned nothing from the SARS outbreak.

From the disgustingly unhygienic live animal markets of Wuhan to the brutal, dishonest and uncooperative Communist regime, the plague burst off its starting blocks and was unleashed onto the world.

We witnessed how the regime abused its own people. We saw scenes of officials in protective clothing manhandle the sick and the suspected sick and throw them into waiting vans. They didn’t want us to see them welding residents into their infected buildings to die of the plague or starvation. In places, they confined the virus to sealed buildings and let people die.

Why should such a leadership have more concern for Italians or Spanish sufferers, or you, than their own people?

From social and governmental Chinese malfunction the baton passed to lax governments in the West who dragged their feet, were slow to evaluate the danger losing valuable time, time that allowed the China virus to gain a foothold. The next stage saw it exploding and spreading throughout each country laid bare to the threat due, in large part, to generous and liberal open border policies.

In each country this baton fell into the hands of the selfie generation whose social behavior degenerated from an “it’s all about us” philosophy to an “it’s all about me” selfishness. Irresponsibility reigned in the thoughtless generation that consider themselves immortal.  These are the carriers that drive the older generation to hospital and to death.

From here the baton is seen in the collapse of health systems stretched to breaking point, particularly in less developed nations, and to economies, both personal and national, as authorities desperately try to grapple with an unseen enemy, an unseen Chinese enemy.

Now we hear the eager runners, the slogan-bleating echo chamber of progressive politics. The ones who follow Communist China’s disinformation campaign, blaming, cursing and threatening anyone, or any country, who call it for what it is – the China virus, or the Wuhan virus. Those that tell the truth are stigmatized as somehow “racist” or “xenophobic.” Better to call it by a code name or something anonymous, like corona.

So, for these folk, let me count the ways this is a Chinese virus.

  • The Chinese Government knew about it back in mid-November. It is now approaching the end of March and they still haven’t owned up to it.
  • One Chinese scientist identified the virus in November, but the Chinese regime ordered his lab to destroy the samples and suppress the news. He died, of course.
  • Despite the knowledge of the virus, Chinese authorities permitted their citizens to fly in their millions to destinations around the world, thereby carrying the virus globally.
  • In December, the Chinese police arrested people who warned about the outbreak of the virus for spreading “rumors.”
  • In that month, Wuhan hosted a mass banquet attended by 40,000 visitors in an attempt to break the Guinness Book of Records for the most attended meal.
  • Rather than close down, Wuhan issued 200,000 free tickets to people to attend festival activities during the Lunar New Year in early January.
  • To celebrate the Lunar New Year, the Chinese took an estimated forty billion trips combined both in China and abroad. Had the government issued warnings many millions may not have traveled. But the government was silent.
  • In January, the Chinese Government lied to the World Health Organization by telling them that the virus could not be transmitted from human to human.
  • In that month, Wang Guangfa, an official respiratory expert, told China Central television that the Wuhan pneumonia was “under control” and was mostly “a mild condition,” according to a New York Times report. Less than two weeks later, Guangfa came down sick with the new virus contracted during a visit to Wuhan.

In the NYT article, Xu Zhiyuan, a journalist and critic of the Chinese regime said, “I thought the SARS virus of 2003 would force China to rethink its governance model. I was naïve. The system is successful in that it destroyed the people with integrity, the institutions with credibility, and a society capable of narrating its own stories. What is left is arrogant power, a bunch of messy information and angry fragile, isolated and angry individuals.”

When the Trump Administration offered to send scientists to China to investigate and solve the virus crisis China refused their offer.  Then, on February 2, rather than own up to the virus, they began their counter disinformation campaign with the ridiculous claim that the US army brought the epidemic to Wuhan. The text message from Lijian Zhao ended, “the US owe us an explanation.”

It is the Chinese Communist Government that owes the world an apology. But they won’t apologize. It is not in their nature.

Chinese State-controlled media threatened that China would withhold vitally needed medical supplies to the US as the pandemic hit America.

The Chinese authorities began their propaganda operation to remove the word “China” from anything associated with the virus, and a compliant US media together with the progressive linguists began to accuse anyone telling the truth of being “racists” and xenophobes,” thereby becoming the Kapos and useful idiots of the Chinese Communist regime in Beijing.

The progressives give China a free pass while criticizing those that tell the truth. And this by people who profess to care for the planet.

It was never considered racist to call flu Spanish or German, but it has become so when it is generated by a malign Communist regime. With ample evidence to prove their guilt in the global spread of the deadly virus, the progressives give China a free pass while criticizing those that tell the truth. And this by people who profess to care for the planet.

This is not about a name. It is about calling out the Chinese regime for their unacceptable practices and system of governance.

In the game of world domination, as the world descends into chaos and breakdown, the Chinese leadership looks on. Officials of this Communist regime look smilingly at the meltdown of the West.

They operate by the motto “What weakens my enemy strengthens me” and their ambition is playing out before our eyes. So what if tens of thousands of their own people die in the process. It is a small price for them to pay for the glory of the Red flag of China dominating the world.

China has ruined the world. They show no sign that they regret their guilt. They intend to benefit from the weakness and chaos by selling the world what it needs from this China-generated crisis.  If any country objects, or calls out China for their malaise, they are threatened by non-supply of essential goods made in China to countries who have sold their soul and their manufacturing independence to the Communist regime in return for cheap goods.

This then is China, the world’s biggest and constant polluter.

Instead of kowtowing to the Beijing regime, the world must rally together and hold them accountable before the Red Flag unfurls yet another pandemic upon the survivors of this China Virus.

Instead of kowtowing to the Beijing regime, the world must rally together and hold them accountable before the Red Flag unfurls yet another pandemic upon the survivors of this China Virus.

The United States has set the world in motion by unveiling a bill that would bring the manufacturing of vital pharmaceutical products back to America. Other nations must follow.

The US bills opening paragraph says it all.

“The Chinese Communist Party threatened to cut of America’s access to vital drugs in the midst of a pandemic caused by its own failures.”

It is time for the rest of the world to wake up and stop being beholden to China for cheap shoes and essential drugs. For, as we have seen, they are likely to pull the plug at the most critical moment.

But the most dangerous China virus is metastasizing within the American political system with the one-party ambition of radical Democrats. We can see it in the ambitions of Sanders, Warren and The Squad led by AOC, to name a few. We see it in the non-compliance of Pelosi and Schumer, Schiff and Nadler.

The Chinese control the thoughts and the lives of every Chinese man, woman and child. They do not have the liberty to think freely. Alternative thought is brutally put down. We see this played out on American campuses today. Alternative thought is not tolerated. It is suppressed by indoctrination. Just as old history is rejected on campus and schools in favor of replacement revisionism that portrays America as racist since its inception. Old statues of figures that do not comply with their ideology are torn down.

This is America today copying China where there are no statues of leaders beyond Mao.

In China, there is government controlled freedom, which is no freedom at all. The life, the thoughts, the freedoms of very Chinese person are controlled by the Beijing regime.

In America, the new Democratic ideology wants to control your health system, they want to take away your freedom, your guns, your religion. In China, nobody is allowed to own a gun. That’s how they can drag you out of your house without resistance and make you disappear.

In China they take away your religion. In America they want to remove religious symbols from public buildings.

In China, they control a woman’s reproductive organs. They dictate how many children a family may have. In America, some states pay for free abortions even to the point of killing babies after birth. Infanticide cloaked as a women’s rights issue.

China’s one-child policy looks more humane by comparison.

The China virus is alive and germinating in American politics with a party that wants to control every element of an individual’s liberty from what they think, how they live, how they feel, where they work, how they travel, what they eat.

It almost succeeded in taking control of the system this year. They failed, but the China political virus still germinates. No matter the outcome of the 2020 election, the germ within the Democratic Party will continue to metastasize producing new faces to replace the old tired politicians.  It will spread its influence within the party resisting whoever is in control of government until, in 2024, they will emerge to gain control of the country by the growing votes of today’s brainwashed youth and their diversity politics.

This will  morph into intolerant policy with the indoctrinated graduates who are beginning to take control of local government, justice, education systems, and future thought through the media. It will win both the House and Senate, making a two party system, and therefore the Republican Party, irrelevant. They will impeach anyone they cannot tolerate. They will control how people live, what they can eat, how many kids they can have, how they can travel, where they will work, how much money they may receive.

That is the China virus burrowing away within the American body politics. It will be in lockstep with the Communist regime in the east, and together they will control the world.

pure evil image

The current China virus that is making people sick can be cured with a vaccine and anti-viral drugs. But the ultimate aim of the ideological China virus is the takeover of political systems starting with America.

Be warned! This is how the China virus takes over the world.

Barry Shaw, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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  23. Linda, we agree completely. It is amazing that most U.S. citizens have bought the lie that this started accidentally by someone in China eating bat soup purchased from their “Wet Market”. Nothing happens in this world without someone wanting it to happen.

  24. My editorial opinion:

    linda goudsmit APRIL 5, 2020 AT 12:14 PM Excellent article that summarizes the long-term objective of communist China to dominate the world. China’s war against the West is a long-term chess game with multiple fronts including but not limited to mass social engineering through the media, infiltration of educational curricula, and scientific “cooperation” with the west. The most powerful weapons the Chinese have is the cooperation of the globalist elite and exploitation of greedy politicians like Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein, etc., etc., in the short run to dominate the world in the long run. The coronavirus is an economic bioweapon unleashed by the Chinese to collapse the American economy and defeat Trump and his America-first policies in November. The coronavirus outbreak is a health crisis in the short run but an economic disaster in the long run. America must go back to work May 1, 2020.


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