Is this the Definition of Insanity?

(LFC Comments: Tom Z. speaks out against Governor DeWine and his Health Director, Dor Acton.)

We the people



#1: The Ohio Prison System had a massive outbreak of coronavirus. 80% of the inmates, 2,011 of them out of 2,500, contracted coronavirus because there is no social distancing and few other mitigation steps possible. Of the 2,011 who test positive for the disease, only 106 show symptoms! That is ONLY 5% of them even get sick. Of them only two people die, an inmate and a guard – out of 2,011 people. That is a fatality rate of 1:1000 or .01%! Yet Governor DeWine and his hysterical fear-mongering “Health Director” are telling 11.6 million Ohioans that “this is a very deadly disease” (NOT!) and “We are just not ready yet” to “let” you out of your homes and go back to work because 5% of you may get sick with a flu, and 99.99% of you will NOT DIE????

#2: The whole purpose of the draconian measures implemented by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and his “Health Director” was to “flatten the curve” of coronavirus patients, so as not to “overwhelm” our hospitals and protect our health care system. While the number of patients never came close to “overwhelming” our hospital system, many healthcare workers had to be laid off for lack of work! And now the Governor’s over-reaction of shutting down all “elective surgeries” is bankrupting the very hospital system he and she said they were protecting. Yet, they have allowed the hospitals to lose money for weeks, even after knowing that their predictions and decisions were wrong all along!

#3: After clear empirical data has come into the public domain in the last week, PROVING that the lockdown of healthy citizens in their homes, the closing of hundreds of thousands of businesses, and the keeping of children home from school, DID NOT statistically change the number of Covid-19 cases OR save any lives at all, compared to other states and nations that did not do these things, Governor DeWine IGNORES real data and continues to follow debunked “models” and insists that it is not safe “yet” for him to lift these failed measures!

#4: After allowing for “essential” businesses to remain open this entire time, that have millions of Ohioans working, Governor DeWine and his “Health Director” have provided not one shred of evidence that these workers are “dropping dead” from the coronavirus, because this is such a “deadly disease” (NOT!), or even any significant percentage of them are getting sick enough to have to stop working due to the coronavirus, yet he and she insist that if they “let” YOU go back to work or “let” YOU open your business, you will be “killing people” with your reckless behavior!

#5: The fact that the coronavirus has escaped the quarantine and is now found in 21% of the population of New York and in great numbers in other places, and that the goal, without having a vaccination anytime in the near future, is to develop “herd immunity” within our society in order to prevent future outbreaks of the coronavirus, particularly in the fall, Governor DeWine and his inept “Health Director” decide that they must continue to pretend that this is a “deadly disease” (NOT!) and not allow 11.6 million Ohioans to develop immunities by going back to school and to work and to get out of our houses, even though 95% of us will not even get sick, and the 5% that do will not even have a serious medical issue – unless they are over the age of 65 and have an average of three additional life threatening illnesses!


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