Citizen Lashes Out at “Governor” Acton

nero fiddling

Gov. DeWine Fiddling While Ohio Burns

(LFC Comments:  Lobbyist Tony pulls no punches with Governor DeWine.  DeWine’s legacy has been shattered. A big government liberal that let Dr. Acton take  Ohio citizens over the cliff  into despair and poverty.  All the while the bureaucrats took their paychecks!)

Dear Governor Acton (or is it DeWine?),

Here is something for you to consider. As of April 23rd, there were reported 656 confirmed and probable deaths due to the Coronavirus in Ohio (a number that is most likely inflated due to the directives to report as many deaths as possible as being caused by the Coronavirus).

For the five weeks through April 18th there were 964,566 new unemployment claims (this period coincides with the panic you created). When these two figures are compared we find that about 1,470 Ohioans have lost their job per death attributed to the Coronavirus (and that most probably doesn’t count those who have had to take a pay cut because of your actions).

This is going to go down as probably the biggest public policy failure in history. A man-made disaster for our country caused by idiot politicians who allowed themselves to get stampeded into catastrophic actions based on virtually no factual information.

Good job Governor!

When the panic starts to fade and people realize the extent of the damage that has been done, you and your compatriots will become some of the most reviled people to ever walk the earth.

As I said earlier, Good Job, Governor!
Tony Hatmaker

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  1. For a better effect in your writing, avoid words and phrases like: probably and most likely. Those aren’t facts. It silences you’re argument.

    PS-last I looked, Dewine is trending up…with both parties.


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