Open Letter to Lake County Commissioners

An Open Letter to Lake County Commissioners

Dear Commissioners,

It is quite clear to many Americans that one lesson that our leaders should learn from the Covid-19 pandemic is that the United States should no longer depend on other countries for essential medical supplies, such as drugs, and personal protection equipment.

It is imperative that we start manufacturing those items, and other products that provide safety and security to the citizens of the United States, in our own country.

Lake County and the surrounding counties have a tremendous base of manufacturers. What they are going to need is a trained, capable workforce to meet the demands that are sure to follow this current crisis.

We have no doubt that when you speak to company executives about relocating to Lake County they inquire about the availability and training of our current workforce. It is time to provide the training to the younger generations that will be able to meet the needs of our changing world.

Lakeland Community College is the perfect local solution to provide the training needed. They are more than adequately funded since they receive $20 million a year in property taxes from Lake County residents.

We are asking that the Commissioners and Lakeland Community College form a task force, in conjunction with the manufacturers of Lake County, to find solutions of how to meet the growing demand for a well trained workforce that will entice even more manufacturers into Lake County.

We hope to hear from you on our suggestion.



Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens

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  2. Hopefully, they will worry about the citizens rather than the next election cycle. We can hope.

  3. A message that needs to be shared, but you realize you are talking to two lame ducks come November.

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