Governor DeWine – Time to Change Course

(LFC Comments:   Thanks to Tom z of “We the People Convention” for this article. Lets see if Governor DeWine listens to the people or Dr. Amy Acton.  History may not be kind to him because of his actions, and his political career  probably is over.  In addition, his unconstitutional executive actions may be contested in court down the road.)

We the people 3

Mike DeWine YOUR


If You and Your “team” cannot stand up and refute each and every documented fact in this video, at your Monday 4/27/20 Press Conference, then you MUST announce that new information has made it clear that Ohio MUST change course IMMEDIATELY in order to avoid more catastrophic loss of life and the financial destruction of our citizens, our businesses, and our state economy!
Find the video on this link:


Taken from Ohio Business Owners


Ohio Annual GDP $700 Billion, 50% of Businesses CLOSED represents $350 Billion annual income, Divided by 52 wks, Weekly income of 50% of Businesses is $6,73 Billion per/wk, Five Wks since DeWine’s March 23rd order closing “Non-Essential” Businesses.




Estimated 2,320,000 Ohio workers without paychecks, at average of only $17/hr, and 32 hrs of work per/wk, lost wages totals $1,262,080,000 per week. Seven weeks since DeWine’s order to close bars and restaurants. Totals $8.8 Billion in lost wages.


  • Stop the Scare Tactics & Fear-Mongering NOW
  • Explain that the NEW Data shows Covid-19 is no more dangerous to 99% of Ohioans than the Flu!
  • Explain that we will now focus on protecting the vulnerable who we can now clearly identify
  • Lift the “stay-at-home” order IMMEDIATELY!
  • Explain why we NEED to develop Herd Immunity!
  • Explain why we NEED people to Get the Coronavirus NOW to avoid a fall outbreak!
  • Explain that 90% of them will not even know they have it and those who get it will not need serious medical treatment and will not die!
  • Send the Children back to school May 4th!
  • Allow ALL Medical Services IMMEDIATELY!
  • Open Churches NOW without FEAR!
  • Order ALL Businesses to Open As Soon As Possible!
  • Set a NEW Goal for Ohio of developing Herd Immunity by the end of June and saving our economy, and encourage citizens to do their par
    Governor DeWine, if you and your “team” do not watch this entire video and heed the advice of these experts, and do not heed the crystal clear message provided to you by the data acquired from the Ohio Prison coronavirus outbreak that this virus is NOT “an invisible killer lurking out there that will kill you”, then you will be guilty of willful ignorance. In doing so, your actions will move from the category of poor political policy decisions into the category of serious criminal negligence and medical malpractice. You and your team will be held accountable by the courts, the voters, and public opinion.

    Your chances for re-election will be destroyed, as will be the historical legacy you have spent decades building, as Ohioans see other states opening without major problems while you mindlessly and willfully continue to destroy the personal wealth and public wealth of our state – for no benefit. To wait a single day longer to change course generates more suicide, drug and alcohol deaths, more child and spousal abuses, more businesses lost forever, more Ohioans without income, without saving a single covid-19 patient by your actions.

    We the People and I have spent seven weeks, Governor, trying to give you valid information that challenged your position in order to help you make better decisions for Ohio. You and your “team” have ignored not only our input but that of anyone who disagreed with you, even when you had zero data by your own admission, to defend your positions. You have been unable to defend any of your actions to date. Now the data is clear. This has gone far enough. It is past time for you to be man enough to admit that you have made a grievous mistake and change course. It IS time for you to be a strong enough leader to adjust to the new information before your eyes and pull Ohio back from the very edge of the economic precipice where you have placed us.

    April 27th will be your judgement day, Governor, and it should not be a day for a stubborn old man to put his own vanity above the best interests of those for whom he is responsible. We are praying today for God to give you the strength and wisdom to protect and defend the Life, Liberty and Prosperity of ALL Ohioans as we go forward.

    For Liberty,
    Tom Zawistowski
    We the People Convention

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  1. Time also to reveal exactly who Dr. Amy Acton really is. I believe she and her family were staunch, loyal Obama supporters, supporters of the failed Obamacare and supporters of globalism/socialism or one world government.What was Dewine thinking about when he appointed her, or was he thinking?Bob Zames

    Robert ZamesReal Estate Broker/Appraiser/ConsultantFlorida Tax Lien Certificate Investing 440-478-2308


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