Ohio Value Voters…Unhappy with DeWine and Acton

ohio value voters

News you won’t get from the liberal media!
This letter went today to the offices of
Congressmen Jim Jordan & Warren Davidson from our Ohio Value Voters Vice President James Kerg
May 1, 2020
I am certain both of you gentlemen have been monitoring voters/citizen reaction to Ohio’s shut down over the last five weeks. Late last night, ODH Director Amy Acton decided she was going to extend her Ohio shut down until June 1. Our phones, email accounts and Facebook have been blowing up since early this morning as a result of this extended shut down order.
Director Acton’s actions over the past five weeks have resulted in 1 million Ohio citizens out of work, still waiting for their first unemployment check from the state. More than 70,000 small businesses have been shuttered across Ohio. We have no body bags piling up, no hospitals overflowing with COVID-19 patients. After more than a month, now we are supposed to start wearing masks constantly and staying in our homes another month or more. This insanity needs to stop now.
Main stream media reports in Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland tell us that Governor DeWine’s handling of COVID-19 is “immensely popular”. That might be true if the governor’s 3,500 Facebook friends were the only citizens in Ohio. Let me confirm to you both, our 250,000+ voting supporters of Ohio Value Voters have been expressing a very different opinion over the past couple weeks.
Attorney general William Barr expressed last week a willingness to protect citizens constitutional rights from overzealous state governors and bureaucrats. As a result of another one month extension on closing Ohio, we believe the DeWine administration provides a very unique opportunity to exercise those protections. The Trump administration might be criticized for going after a number of the left-wing democrat governors and their tyrannical shut down efforts. However, because of his own party affiliation, Governor DeWine (R) presents a very “objective” target to protect citizens constitutional rights.
On behalf of our membership and the more than 2,000,000 Ohio 2A/RTL affiliated voters we collaborate with, we strongly encourage Ohio’s congressional delegation to contact AG Barr and ask him to protect our constitutional rights immediately !! Ohio citizens anger has grown immensely over the past two weeks. Last night’s “extension” of the Ohio shut down order has poured gas on the voters fire. The lawless “quarantine” of Ohio citizens, their employers and communities has reached a boiling point. We strongly suggest the Ohio congressional delegation engage in resolving this abhorrent violation of their citizens.
Rest assured, the “political experts” are very wrong when they believe voters have a very short term memory. That may be true for some voters, but not the vast number of Ohio voters we cooperate and affiliate with across the state. Our “friends” tend to be super voters for decades and typically very influential in their respective communities. Governor DeWine and his bureaucrat accomplices are ignoring these people to their own political peril.
Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
James Kerg,Jr.
Vice President

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3 replies

  1. Yes, Open up Ohio now!


  2. I’m an Ohioan who values voters and I think they are doing a great job! Keep up the leadership and keep us old people on fixed incomes safe and healthy!


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