Lake County Patriots Protest in Mentor

Lake County patriots braved the bone-chilling weather today in Mentor, Ohio to express their constitutional rights of assembly and free speech.

tom hach

Tom Hach

Community activist par excellence, Tom Hach,  and Constitutional scholar, John Plecnik, led approximately 100 people in a very peaceful protest demanding the reversal of  the unconstitutional actions of Governor Mike DeWine and his Medical Director Dr. Amy Acton.

  • Hach asked the audience to contact Senator John Eklund (District 18), and Senator Kenny Yuko (District 25) to ask them to pass Senate Bill 1.

What is Senate Bill 1?  Here is a link to Senate Bill 1
It is trying to curtail the power of an unelected bureaucrat (Medical Director Dr. Amy Acton) by reducing all future shutdowns of the economy to 14 days.  It is giving the power back to the legislative branch of our State government.

Here is the contact Information for State Senator John Eklund (District 18):

District 18 John Eklund John Eklund image

Here is the contact information for State Senator Kenny Yuko (District 25):

district 25 john yuko Kenny yuko

  • Hach asked that our State government open up all of the Ohio businesses, thereby freeing our economy, so that citizens can regain their  dignity and their ability to earn a living.
  • Hach mentioned that Governor DeWine and Dr. Acton are not releasing the data that drives their scientific models, which are the basis for the shutdown of our economy . We can trust our elected officials and bureaucrats only if we can verify their data.  NO DATA – NO TRUST!

IMG_0580 IMG_0587 



John Plecnik



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