Larry Obhof…just another political hack

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dectecting a deceiver

Political hack“, also called partisan hack, is a pejorative term describing a person who is part of the political party apparatus, but whose intentions are more aligned with victory than personal conviction.

Tom Z. takes the Ohio State Senate President, Larry Obhof, to the woodshed for being a political hack with no regard for the citizens of the State of Ohio.  Looks like Obhof is nothing more than another run of the mill politician just out to “feather their own nest” at the expense of the citizens.  Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first set out to deceive!)

we the people 3


In a “non-voting” session of the Ohio Senate, so that Senators could not object to his decision, Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof unilaterally “ruled” that the Ohio Senate would not even take up Senate Bill One which was passed by the Ohio House as an effort to provide some minimal representation for the people of Ohio in how we are treated by the ill-informed tyrant DeWine and his out of control “health director.” Meaning, not only did Senate President Obhof act to NOT allow the people to have representation in the unilateral decisions being made by the Governor, he then acted to deny our Senate Representatives their right to even represent us in his own legislative chamber! Pretty hard to see how We the People actually have any sort of “representative” government.

scratching my head 1

So tell us, Larry, as the “principled conservative” that you are, tell ALL of us on the record and in public that your “decision” had NOTHING to do with your desire to be appointed to a Judgeship by Governor DeWine, after you are termed out this year, as has been widely rumored. Tell us, Larry, that this “decision” was consistent with your duty as President of the Ohio Senate to at all times represent the best interests of the citizens of Ohio and was NOT made in order to protect the Governor and your personal best interests.

integrity image

In fact, since I know you to be a person of impeccable integrity, go on the record right now and confirm to all of us that you will not seek a judgeship appointment from Governor DeWine, nor would you accept one if offered by him in the future, because it would clearly be nothing less than political payback for actions such as this that you have just taken.

The people need to know that the Senate President cannot be bribed. Please make a public statement as to why you have “decided” that it is in the public’s best interest NOT to have legislative representation at this time of historic danger to our health and economic well-being.

I am sure that you and the other Senators have heard the voices of the people DEMANDING that nothing like this EVER HAPPENS AGAIN in Ohio. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you as Senate Leader to make a public statement immediately explaining that you and the Senate, while you choose not to pass Senate Bill One, will pass legislation before your term expires, in conjunction with the Ohio House and even against the veto of the Governor, that will change Ohio law to prevent any Governor or executive branch employee in the future from unilaterally imposing such severe measure on Ohioans without the direct involvement of the people’s representatives in the legislature. I am sure your words would be comforting to all citizens at this trying time in our states history since your actions today have only added to the disgust and distrust that Ohio citizens now have with “our” government.

Click to Write to Larry Obhof (SD 22) or Call His Office (614) 466-7505

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