“Iron Mike” DeWine…the best Democrat governor Ohio has had

police state 2

Governor DeWine is ready to put his collective boot on the necks of Ohio citizens that dare to disregard his orders.   Your constitutional right to assemble has been taken away by “Iron Mike” DeWine.  Remember he is doing this for your “safety and security”,   and Dr. Amy told him to do it.


Excerpt from article:


You Shall Obey “Iron Mike”

DeWine:  “Absolutely. I saw those images very early, and we had people there last night.”  (LFC Comment: We will go out on a limb and say that the “people” Iron Mike is referring to was not his Medical Director and her staff.)

boot on the neck image

“Iron Mike” DeWine’s Justice

DeWine:  “We did issue a citation for another bar in Columbus. And, candidly…we’ve worked with the attorney general…and we’re going to whatever we have to do if these things…occur across Ohio. Wherever they occur.”  (LFC Comment: Interesting that DeWine chose to go on the Jack Tapper show…when will he being filing as a Democrat? He has the “fascist mentality” down pat!  Power is an intoxicating elixir.)

From the comment section, we found these:

“DeWeeb even looks like a little Gestapo agent, one you might see on Hogan’s Heroes.”

no more rinos

“Mike DeWhiner: Exhibit C in why the Ohio Republican Party needs a thorough enema, Exhibits A and B being John Kasich and George Voinovich.”   (LFC Comments:  The current Republican Party will not save the Republic.  The Dems will have us running toward the abyss, while the Repubs will have us walking toward it.)


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  1. It’s safe when a cute or vaccine has been created. Did you not learn anything in history class?

  2. So when is it safe? The curve has been flattened. Those that do not feel safe should stay home.

  3. Let me repeat this for people who have difficulty comprehending…it’s not about as much about safety as it is about keeping the curve flat…the reason for the flat curve? So medical systems are not overwhelmed. Why are they overwhelmed in other states such as NY and CA? They didn’t properly socially distance. Maybe Cuomo and Newsome are republican??

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