Memorial Day Rally…Free Ohio Now

There is unbelievable tyranny happening all over Ohio against small businesses and individuals including you and me!

Our aim when we, an entirely-volunteer group of us, came together last month was to be action-oriented.  What can we do in response to the governments’ actions?  For the near term, we have decided to step out publicly, literally next to the street, on corners throughout Ohio, peacefully sending a message to elected officials and fellow Ohioans alike that we are “mad as ______ and we’re not going to take it anymore!” if you’ll pardon our French.

Video on Gyms’ case
Before providing details about tomorrow’s Memorial / Freedom rally, we thought you’d appreciate this video report on OAN national news regarding the Judge Lucci’s ruling about the Ohio gyms’ case.  It has national implications.  Texas weighs in and you can see the video here.

25 Ohio Counties rally
Okay, now for the important details for tomorrow.  There are 25 counties participating in 20 locations.  If you are not sure of the Memorial / Freedom rally closest to your house,  GO HERE.  The list is completely up-to-date.  Here is an Ohio map depicting counties with rally locations tomorrow, May 23.  Two are on Monday.

See below for sign details and rally tips.

Remember to take pictures and short videos at your county rally and share them with us at the Free Ohio Now Facebook page.


Free Ohio Now announces Memorial Day Remembrance Rallies!  With many public Memorial Day Remembrance events canceled across Ohio this year, Free Ohio Now strongly believes honoring the memory of those Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our Constitutional rights, individual freedoms, and way of life is too important to pass without tribute.

In honor of our fallen soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors, Free Ohio Now is coordinating peaceful rallies to be held in counties across Ohio Saturday, May 23 at 1:00 pm or at specific afternoon hours as arranged by individual counties.  People attending the rallies are asked to bring American flags, to dress in  red,  white and  blue  and to make signs to honor our fallen.  Check for location and what’s happening in each county.

Invite a friend and Make Signs

Sign Message Ideas:

  • Memorial Day – Never Forget
  • Got Freedom?
  • Freedom Has a Price
  • Home of the Brave!
  • All Gave Some – Some Gave All
  • Home of the Free Because of the Brave
  • They are gone, but NOT forgotten
  • They Paid the Price
  • For Our Fallen Heroes
  • They Did It for Us
  • Never Forgotten – Always Honored
  • Memorial Day – Never Forgotten
  • Never Forget Their Sacrifice

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  1. Wear your masks. And for God’s sake, be careful!

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