Open Letter to State Reps on General Election

Open Letter to State Representative Jamie Callender (61st District), and State Representative John Rogers (60th District)

Representative Jamie Callender and Representative John Rogers:

Subject: General Election November 3, 2020

We were not impressed by the conduct and decision making of the Governor, the Ohio Medical Director, and the entire State legislature regarding the March 17th primary election.  There was far too much uncertainty and misinformation given to the general public about the election date and how the voting was to proceed.  The delay in making decisions led to an even lower voter turnout than normal throughout the State.  Please do not abdicate your authority and allow the Governor and/or the Ohio Medical Director to decide the rules and procedures of our general election.

We know that the Democrat and Republican Party have expressed their opinions on the changes that they would like to see for this general election.  We are asking you to consider our recommendations:

  1. We expect the entire legislature to do their duty and reach final decisions on how the November 3, 2020 general election is to be conducted no later than the middle of July 2020. Every Election Board will need ample time to organize and prepare for a voter turnout that may be historic.
  2. We must permit in-person electronic voting, as well as mail in ballots. The Election Boards would become overwhelmed with the task of counting mail in ballots if we were to go to an all-mail election.  There can be adequate steps taken to ensure social distancing and sterilization of the equipment used to meet the concerns of Ohio’s Medical Director.
  3. We are adamantly opposed to allowing community organizations, labor unions, and trusted helpers to deliver sealed ballots.
  4. Voter registration deadline should be maintained as is, and we do not support moving the deadline to the actual Election Day.
  5. The current voter registration form should be maintained to ask for both SSN4 and driver’s license/State ID number.
  6. We support requiring the voter to identify themselves at the time of in-person voting, and when requesting a mail in ballot.
  7. We support counting ballots that are postmarked by the Election Day. If there is no postmark, and the completed ballot is not delivered to the Election Board by the election date then the ballot cannot be counted.
  8. We do not support automatically registering anyone to vote at the time of them securing an Ohio driver’s license.
  9. We do not believe that it is necessary to provide prepaid postage on absentee ballots.
  10. We believe that it is the responsibility of the voter to ensure that they have met the requirements to remain as a registered voter.

Respectfully submitted,

Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens
8196 Rainbow Drive

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3 replies

  1. They better inform themselves. Poor citizenry.

  2. There are some people that still think they can vote on June 2nd.

  3. Speak for yourself. As a taxpayer and informed citizen, there was neither uncertainty nor misinformation. I knew what, when, where, and how to do it.

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