State Rep. Nino Vitale…calling out the Republican goon squad

(LFC Comments:   State Representative Nino Vitale, (Urbana – West of Columbus) is a really impressive fighter for the average citizen.  Wish we had more like him.  Watch for Iron Mike DeWine to spend millions on contact tracing, but pulls the money for the schools.)

Here is his recent Facebook page post calling out the Republican goon squad for harassing citizens.

police state 2
“If you see these Ohio Tattle Tales, get pictures of the truck, plate and people, and post them here please.

These jokers want to FINE AND JAIL a fellow Ohioan because they walk across a patio with a drink in their hand or someone was standing 5.2345 feet away from someone instead of 6 feet.

Who came up with 6 feet anyway?

Let’s get their plates and faces on record please.

*****LET ME BE VERY CLEAR. I NEVER asked ANYONE to do anything violent to anyone. I said simply take pictures if you see people harassing and fining other Ohioans. NO ONE should be harassing someone and certainly not threatening another person. That’s exactly what we are trying to avoid with all this. Be smart people.****”

Image may contain: text that says 'SAFE OHIO TEAM OHIO 46 594 TAPETDICUE The DeWine-Husted Goon Squad Is Out If you see these vehicles or people, get pictures, and post them here.'

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