State Rep. Diane Grendell and H.B. 624

(LFC Comments: State Representative Diane Grendell (76th District) has sponsored House Bill 624 requiring that Ohio’s Department of Health be more transparent with the statistics dealing with the COVID-19 data.  We supported Rep. Grendell with a letter to the State Committee reviewing the bill since it is asking for honesty and transparency from elected officials and the unelected bureaucrats that are controlling our destiny.)


HB 624 Diane Grendell (1)

HB 624 Diane Grendell (2)

HB 624 Diane Grendell (3)


LFC Letter to the Committee: Letter to committee on HB 624

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  1. Yea! Yea!No more cooking the books.  Deceit IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.DEWINE AND HIS CRONIES, SHOULD BE DONE!

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  2. Yea! Cuz DeWine is the only politician in the entire world who shutdown a geographic region due to the coronavirus! SMDH



  1. State Rep John Rogers AGAINST COVID-19 TRANSPARENCY and BABIES – Lobbyists for Citizens

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