Bullying Continuing in Willoughby Hills…updated 6/12/20

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Help Nancy Fellows Defeat Willoughby Hills Bullies

[LFC Comments: Wow, the drama never seems to end in Willoughby Hills.  Not only will the power elite allow their cronies to dump dirt in the city, they have no remorse in trying to “dump” anyone that does not agree with them.  This is a clarion call to the citizens of Willoughby Hills to back Councilwoman Nancy Fellows.  She needs your support in challenging the tyrannical Mayor.  She is fighting for the residents in Willoughby Hills.)



June 11, 2020

Mayor’s Bullying Continues in Willoughby Hills; Councilwoman Calls for End to Bullying and Is Threatened with Removal from Office

WILLOUGHBY HILLS – On June 8, 2020, Willoughby Hills Councilwoman-at-Large Nancy Fellows—the longest serving elected official in the City and notable as the first Council President of a female-majority council in Lake County history—introduced a resolution against bullying and racism and asked her City Hall colleagues to work harder at working together.  Fellows introduced this legislation partly in response to the 2020 resignations of two of the seven members of the Willoughby Hills Council who cited bullying and fear for their personal safety in their resignation letters.

“No one should go to work and feel threatened and in fear of their life,” Fiebig said in his January 27, 2020, resignation letter.

“Truthfully, the venom and nastiness in City Hall literally makes me cry,” Majka said about her reasons for resigning in a May 30, 2020, News-Herald article.

Days after Majka resigned alleging Gardner and his supporters bullied and harassed her and Fellow’s prepared a resolution denouncing bullying, five of Mayor Andy Gardner’s supporters filed a lawsuit in Lake County Probate Court to remove Councilwoman Fellows from office.  These same people—Tony Miller, Vicki Miller, Jeffrey Fruscella, Steve Crone and Jack Hay—unsuccessfully attempted to remove Fellows from office in 2019, shortly after Gardner announced his campaign to run against Fellows for Mayor, by filing a similar claim, which was dismissed in court and ultimately deemed frivolous by the City’s Law Director.

“I am disgusted that Mayor Andy Gardner has failed to keep his campaign promise to work together and is instead allowing the bullying in city hall to continue,” said Councilwoman Nancy Fellows. “We expect our children not to bully, so it’s particularly disturbing to see adults bullying others, especially adults who are supposed to be leaders in our community. Anyone who steps up to serve their neighbors should not have to fear for their safety for doing their job like Dave Fiebig, Jan Majka and I have. I understand why Dave and Jan resigned, but I’m not going anywhere.

For almost 20 years, the residents of Willoughby Hills have trusted me to speak up for them and if I let Mayor Gardner and his supporters bully me too, who will be left to speak for the people of Willoughby Hills? I ask Mayor Gardner to stop this nonsense once and for all and keep his campaign promise to work together.  He’s responsible for this—the buck stops with him.”

The hearing on the case is set for Monday June 15, 2020, in Lake County Probate Court.

Draft resolution by Nancy Fellows: Resolution denouncing racism and bullying

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(LFC Comments:  We wonder if the Willoughby Hills’ residents ever thought about recalling the Mayor?)

Updated: June 12, 2020

LFC Comments:  Anyone wanting to help Councilwoman Nancy Fellows can contact Mayor Gardner at (440) 946-6614 or by email  mayor@willoughbyhills-oh.gov and demand that the Mayor denounce bullying, including denouncing his supporters’ frivolous lawsuit against Nancy Fellows and all of the defamatory claims in it.


Mayor Andy Gardner “What, Me worry”?


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  1. Amen. I believe there is corruption in Wickliffe as well. Look what they have allowed for ~ 3 years with Jab /GLC dumping and crushing on a land that was once green. Its zoned for general business. Shouldn’t this type of operation be done on land zoned for Industrial? It effects a lot of residents and the City ignores it. Where are the soil samples? We don’t know if any of the material is toxic. What a mess!! Everyone seems to think dirt is dirt. But the small particulate depending what it is made of causes strokes and other ailments (it is a fact look it up). Plus the pounding of the machines. So much or enjoying your homes how do these people sleep at night. Oh wait they don’t live near it. They are lucky!!. The mayor has an office across the street from that place and he seems to be fine with everything.

  2. Just like the City of Wickliffe, the W-E school officials and city officials are pricing seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve.

  3. The majority of people I spoken with did not vote for Gardner or this insane school levy!! We are seriously thinking of moving after 40+ years, this city is the butt joke of Ohio. Will Gladly support Nancy in any way we can.

  4. Only the people can make changes. I have thought for a long time that if everyone knew what was really going in Willoughby Hills and Eastlake that they would not be happy. There seems to be a lot of corruption and unethical behavior by elected officials in Lake County. Keep up the good work LFC!

  5. I really don’t know how this guy became Mayor. No one I know ever met the guy before and definitely didn’t vote for him. Of course he’s the same as Weger. I hear he lives next door to him!

  6. We will try to get a copy of the lawsuit.

  7. How can I find the lawsuit? I think its time for someone to sue Tony Miller for harassment and intimidation.

  8. We suggest that you contact Nancy directly. She will need all the support that she can get from residents. Willoughby Hills officials play hardball if you do not agree with them. It appears to be part of the “cancel culture” that we are experiencing throughout our nation.

  9. Is there anything I can do to help support Nancy Fellows as a resident of Willoughby Hills?


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