We previously wrote about State Representative Diane Grendall’s House Bill 624.

(LFC Comments: State Representative Diane Grendell (76th District) has sponsored House Bill 624 requiring that Ohio’s Department of Health be more transparent with the statistics dealing with the COVID-19 data.)

The legislation has been passed by the House of Representatives by a vote of  61 / 34.

Here is a link to the actual bill: hb624_02_PH

Here is a link to the committee votes and the overall House votes.  As you can see, it is strictly by Party lines.

Committee Vote: Yeas (9) all Republicans  / Nays (3) all Democrats

Total House Vote: Yeas (61) all Republicans / Nays (34) all Democrats

So we can conclude that Democrats are not interested in honesty and transparency in reporting the COVID-19 statistics to the Ohio citizens.  SHAME ON YOU DEMOCRATS!


Let’s take a look at how our local Lake County State Representatives voted.

bravo imageState Representative Jamie Callender (R) voted in favor of the legislation.  BRAVO Rep. Callender!

By the way, Rep. Callender has 0% rating with NARAL and is against abortion.



John Rogers State Rep 60th district

  John Rogers

State Representative John Rogers (D) (a.k.a. “Mr. Pro-Choice” or “Dr. of Death” Rogers)  voted to keep the Ohio citizens in the dark regarding the COVID-19 statistics.

Dr. of Death has a 100% rating with NARAL      grim reaper image 1

Good old Johnny, who is running for Lake County Commissioner in November, wants to keep Ohio citizens in the dark about COVID-19 statistics, and does not mind killing babies.  Now that is quite a platform to run on Johnny!


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  1. Don’t forget his NO vote on the proposed legislation to make property tax ballot language more understandable…while he sits on the board of the Lake County Land Bank, where foreclosed properties (those that cannot pay their property taxes) go. What a despicable loser! Anyone who votes for any Democrat this November must have caca for brains!


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