BLM of Lake County…updated 7/11/20

[Update 7/11/20 : After receiving  comment from a reader asking why we are supporting BLM, it told us that we were not crystal clear when we originally posted this video.  To ensure that there is no misunderstanding, LFC does not support the communist group known a BLM (Black Lives Matter), nor do we support Aurora Martinez, the director of the Morley Library.  She has turned the library into a homeless shelter, and the social justice headquarters for Lake County.  BLM is designed to destroy America from within by creating racial unrest, and also act as a funding source for the Democrat Party.  Hope this clears up any misunderstanding.] 

Here is some information on BLM in Lake County.  Start at the ~18:00 minute, and listen to Ms. Ferguson, leader of the organization.   They are planning to be in all cities, township and villages of Lake County.  The “Aurora” mentioned is Ms. Aurora Martinez, Director of the Morley library.



Where do the donations to national Black Lives Matter movement really go?  Here are articles that address that question.


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  1. I appreciate the clarification. It did come across as supportive the first time around.


  2. To show just how old fashion my thinking is considering my age and where I come from. BLM stands for Bureau of Land Management.

    Do I detect a violation of copyright? I believe BLM is owned by the US Department of the Interior.


    • That’s hysterical!! The first time I noticed Black Lives Matter rear their ugly head was back when everything was happening with the Bundys and LaVoy Finicum was shot (which still infuriates me). There would be news articles out about Black Lives Matter and then the Bundy story would reference BLM (bureau of land Mgt) and it would take me twice as long to read through these stories just trying to keep it all straight!!


  3. Nicely worded clarification!

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