JEDD Special Meeting…6/19/20

I was made aware of a special meeting being held today of the JEDD.  So what is the JEDD?

Unfortunately, I was too late for the meeting and entered during their Executive Session, and was not permitted to stay.  (The O.R.C. excludes the public from the Executive Sessions of a public body.)

Yikes 1

I was floored when I saw none other than Chris Galloway leading the band!  Chris Galloway is the former Concord Trustee, political consultant extraordinaire,  and currently the Lake County Auditor.   I was under the impression that being the Auditor of the County was a full-time position.  Mr. Galloway is on the November 2020 ballot vying for the Auditor position again.  We will be checking out the Ohio Revised Code to determine if Mr. Galloway has any conflict of interest holding both positions.   It is a given that he has far too much power in the community.

Here are the current JEDD Board Members from their website:

“Concord Township is pleased to announce the appointment of Raymond E. Sines as the newest board member of the Concord–Painesville Joint Economic Development District (JEDD). The Trustees appointed Mr. Sines to represent the businesses within the JEDD, effective March 4, 2020, replacing Mr. Richard Frenchie.

Mr. Sines retired as the Lake County Commissioner in 2012. He also served as a state representative for eastern Lake County from 1988 through 1996 and then five years as an Ohio Water Development Authority member.”

  • Christopher Galloway, Chairman
  • Douglas Lewis, Vice-Chairman
  • Morgan McIntosh, Treasurer
  • Christine Shoop, Secretary
  • Ray Sines

Rita McMahon is the JEDD Administrator

Since we could not attend the meeting, we sent the following records request to Ms. McMahon, and will publish the information as soon as it is received.

Records request JEDD 6-19-20



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