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  1. Very well done video. Thank you for posting. Those who scream the loudest. Those who are triggered by being called “The dregs of society that need to be pulled out by the root” are likely the ones with the most to hide. They are scared because they are now cornered. The people have called their bluff. Those who are compromised…all the way up and down the spectrum…they are absolutely terrified right about now.

    Jeff Epstein never thought he would ever end up paying for his crimes against humanity, and more specifically children, and he said as much to his victims. And now we have Ghislaine Maxwell in custody. Oh the people she can bring down…all of their despicable secrets will be revealed. With each arrest comes more. This is international at the highest levels…and maybe some local officials as well…look at Palm Beach County. Look at the interesting statute of Epstein that was left in front of City Hall in Albuquerque, NM where Epstein’s ranch was. Of course, it was taken down immediately because it included a list of ongoing cases against Epstein. Local authorities everywhere protected this creature. Why? Clearly these people had a price…Epstein bought them off with blood money. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/07/01/mystery-jeffrey-epstein-statue-discovered-in-albuquerque/

    The Toledo council sting was ongoing for a couple of years I read. If the local officials are provided with proof by the people of wrongdoing and do nothing, what then? Are they not culpable as well? I think they might be. Maybe they think it doesn’t matter because they are who they are and, well, they are too important…two-tiered system of justice. What about employees who are “just doing their job?” People need to pick a side…looking the other way and allowing corruption and evil to flourish is wrong for good people to do. Compromising with evil for a paycheck…never worth the soul hit. Karma is a bitch too. Good people need to step up and do the right thing. We are at war, and people do need to pick a side. If you are not on the side of freedom, you are an enemy of the People.

    And then there’s this…enter the FBI. You know there is a field office right here in little old Lake County…Painesville, Ohio right on Liberty Street of all places. We will restore the Republic…and to do that we must restore the rule of law…Lady Justice MUST be blind. I wonder how many ongoing investigations there are in our local field office right this moment? Do you think that what happened in Toledo is going on in any of the cities/townships in Lake County? Naw…it’s just Toledo.


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