Unmasking of DeWine…we can see you clearly now

[LFC Comments:  Thanks to Cleveland Right to Life for this article]


An Operation Rescue Special Investigative Report

By Cheryl Sullenger

 Excerpts of the article:

“The coronavirus pandemic has created a climate in the U.S. that favors the business of abortion.  As legitimate businesses were forced to close, and non-essential surgeries were banned, abortion facilities remained open under gubernatorial and health department exemptions.  States that attempted to shutter abortion businesses to prevent an overtaxing of the health care system were generally overruled in court.

Contact tracing

Now, as America opens up, the focus of efforts to control the virus has shifted to testing and contact tracing.  Those who test positive for COVID-19 are required share the names of all people with whom they recently have been in contact, so that those people can be notified of their exposure.

This allows contact tracing organizations and states to accumulate a massive data-base on people.  But can these tracers, organizations, and governmental officials be trusted with such a huge database containing intimate information about Americans’ health, family, friends, movements, and way of life?

Partners in Health

One of the first organizations to offer state-wide contact tracing programs was Partners in Health, a Massachusetts organization co-founded by globalist Paul Farmer, who also serves as Chief Strategist and Co-Chairman of the Board for PIH. This organization does work around the globe, particularly in Rwanda and Haiti.

Farmer and the PIH openly espouses a Marxist, globalist world view.

Partners in Health first came to Operation Rescue’s attention while researching now-former Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton, who resigned on June 3, 2020.  Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and Acton hired Partners in Health to manage its state-wide contact tracing program.

pointing fingers image 2

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has extensive ties to Haiti and reportedly took Acton for a visit there before she became ODH Director in February 2019.  It was in Haiti that Acton met Paul Farmer for the first time.

Also operating in Haiti is the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), a program of the Clinton Foundation, which is tied closely to PIH.

In fact, both organizations share a common board member: Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton.”


holding your nose

[LFC Comments:  Note to the “New-Democrat” Governor DeWine:  You are known by the company that you keep.  Aligning with globalists and Marxists will leave an indelible stain on your legacy.  Your actions to destroy our freedom and liberties are now very understandable.] 


Dewine 2020

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