Avoiding Taxation…Dems Causing Exodus

[LFC Comments: Thanks to our California lobbyist “LQ” for this article.  Good grief, the Democrats continue to find ways to extract taxes  from the citizens.  We are going to see a continued exodus of citizens from the high-taxing states.]


Excerpts from the article:

“California is looking to impose a Wealth Tax as Elizabeth Warren had proposed which is Piketty’s idea which is supported by Schwab’s World Economic Forum in Davos. This will be on worldwide property – not income. The tax rate annually will be 0.4%. Even if you lose the money you will be taxed every year in addition to income taxes which are already the highest in the United States.

The problem here is not just worldwide income, California went after people who retired and left the state. They argued that their retirement income was previously earned in California so you had to pay California income taxes on your retirement funds even if you left California. This is the ultimate tyranny. You are paying taxes as a slave owned by6 California. You are NOT paying your fair share because you are not using the state’s resources or benefits. This is once again – taxation without representation.”



Who is Thomas Piketty?

Thomas Piketty, the French economist from communism’s birthplace, is back and this time he wants to drive a stake through the heart of capitalism, end human rights, and deny equal protection of the law in the true spirit of Marxism. Now in his latest treatise, “Capital and Ideology,’’ he argues that governments should fix the inequality of wealth by confiscating all the assets of the rich thereby ending capitalism. Excuse me, but didn’t Lenin and Stalin try this once before?

facepalm image

Piketty has been influential, and believe it or not, his ideas are the core of Elizabeth Warren’s platform. Warren worked with two former Piketty aides to design her Wealth Tax proposal.

The idea of communism actually emerged during the French Revolution. It was an experiment known as the Parisian Commune of 1793. Marx concluded ultimately that the power of the state, and the duty of citizenship, must be subordinate to the state by necessity. If that principle stands, there can never be liberty. It was the French who convinced Marx that socialism was not enough. There had to be the forced subordination of all people to the will of the state. This is the core of what Piketty is really all about. He is still speaking from a French view that has prevailed since the revolution during the Commune Movement.


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