Summit County Rep. Party Chair Speaks Out

[LFC Comments: Thanks to Lobbyist Dave for this article. The Party of “D”eception used the CoVid-19 flawlessly to their advantage.]


A Statement by Bryan C. Williams
Summit County Republican Party Chairman

I am asked nonstop what I think about the ongoing outcome of the presidential election. I’ll tell you. I am disgusted and distrustful

What’s more, I am frightened for our democracy. If an election can be stolen (not won) by an insidious partnership between a political party, the media, big tech censorship, the U.S. Postal Service and yes – foreign countries like China, we have no democracy! Our “freedom” is a mirage.

We all know democrats decided early to use the COVID pandemic as a political weapon on the campaign trail. The pandemic justified Biden avoiding questions about his cognitive health, his corrupt involvement with his son’s foreign business interests in China and Ukraine and his many extreme liberal policy goals. That was within their political prerogative to do so.

As Jane Fonda was recorded saying, “COVID is God’s gift to the Democrat Party.” A sick and revealing thought.

Then, in states with democrat governors & secretaries of states – democrats plotted to use COVID as the pretext to illegally change state absentee election laws.  Why? To flood the ballot box with illegal absentee ballots.

In Pennsylvania, for example, the democrat governor and secretary of state decided to void state law and extend the number of days absentee ballots may be received and counted – even if those ballots were never post marked prior to election day.

Now, allegations of postal workers backdating absentee ballot post marks emerge. Surprised? You should not be? The union representing the U.S. Postal Workers endorsed Joe Biden for president, dooming America’s democracy. In what universe can we expect to get a fair election when 50% of the ballots were processed by a biased postal union? 

Systemic Errors on Display

As a former board of elections director and current board member of the Summit County Board of Elections, I am disgusted by the indefensible work practices I see on TV in other states:

·     Elections officials working individually at tables and not in bipartisan teams.

·     Damaged ballot remakes being marked by one person – and not audited by bipartisan teams.

·     Elections observers placed so far from critical vote counting areas as to render them useless.

·     Pens & markers on worktables where election officials are opening absentee ballots – and not working in bipartisan teams.

Each of these practices invite corruption. And boards of elections who care about a truthful outcome should never let this occur. 

In order for the public to trust election outcomes, the election process must include

1. Complete transparency

2. Bipartisan work teams on every detail of the election

3. A paper audit trail that verifies compliance with election laws

4. Clearly defined election laws and procedures that don’t change in the middle of the election.

Americans Must Fight for the Survival of American Democracy

President Trump and America are not receiving these critical protections in numerous battleground states. For the sake of the nation, Republicans must join President Trump as he continues his fight for us and our future democracy.

Until these concerns are thoroughly addressed, and only legal votes are counted, all Americans – regardless of party preference – should not accept the fraudulent results of this election.


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