Kevin Malecek, Jim Walsh and the Evil Alliance Between RINO’s and Democrats…a.k.a. the Kool Kids Klub

This article is a follow up to a previous article about the censure of Jim Walsh of Willoughby Hills by the Lake County Republican Party.

Have you ever wondered how the same perennial politicians continue to be elected even though many people in the community do not like or trust them? It is pre-arranged. Your choices between the politicians are such that it matters not who wins. You see most of the time, you are voting for the  “Kabal”. Allow us to introduce to you the “Kabal”…the evil alliance between the RINO’s and Democrats, a.k.a. the Lake County Kool Kids Klub.

There is a definite illusion being played by the power elites in both parties. Although not always successful, the matching of opponents is a definite strategy to ensure that the elite’s choice is elected. The preferred candidate will have a weaker candidate on the ballot against him or her. The illusion is to give the voters the appearance that they have a choice.

Any elected official that “breaks ranks” with the party elites will surely have an opponent in the primary election, forcing the official to spend big bucks to have a chance to make it to the general election. This may cause the candidate that breaks rank to lose in the general election because their campaign coffers were depleted with the primary challenge.

We will be “pulling back the curtain” on the perennial politician Kevin Malecek and his “Republican” buddy Jim Walsh. Keep reading if you want to know why “Republicans” like Jim Walsh, Sean Blake, Janet Dowling, and Jerry Cirino’s campaigners-in-chief, Richard Thiedemann and Amy Sabath, all support the liberal Democrat Kevin Malecek over a dyed-in-the-wool Republican.

But first, we need to review some statistics and apply some common sense to the numbers. According to the Lake County Board of Elections, here is the breakdown of registered voters:

No Party Affiliation (Independents)112,09667.9%
Republicans 27,46816.5%
Democrats 25,46815.4%
Libertarians 123 .1%
Greens 54
Total Registered Voters in Lake County 165,207 100.0%

The obvious question is: How is it possible that 32% of the registered voters can control the other 68% of the voters? The answer is MONEY. Money comes from the local and state Party, as well as corporate and special interest donors at all levels of government; and money “drives the bus.”

Can either the Republicans or Democrats control the County with only ~16% of voters? The last election showed that Lake County is overwhelmingly leaning to the “Republican” side of the aisle. This is a dramatic turnaround from only 5 years ago when Lake County was the playground of the Democrat party. How did it happen?

Neither Party has enough loyalists to allow them to “get out the vote” for their chosen candidate; and therefore, both Republicans and Democrats rely on the Independents for the margin of victory. The Independents are looking at the national stage for their guidance on how to vote. Let’s face it, the NEW Democrat party scared and panicked a lot of people, and it did translate into significant Republican votes in Lake County this past election.

Quite frankly, we do not really know what it means to be “Republican” anymore. We know what the party platform says it believes, but talk is cheap these days. We judge people on their actions and not their words. We do know from the national scene that Democrats support Death, Dismemberment, Deception, Deceit, Dis-unity in their Demonic world. The Lake County Independents and some Democrats reject the socialist / communist / Godless movement of the Democrats on the national level. They are voting against that movement rather than for Republicans. There is a BIG difference.

In our opinion, there are also truisms in Lake County that may escape the average voter:

(1) A Democrat will register as a Republican to have a better chance of winning an election with an “R” after their name. However, they only give lip service to the Party platform because they never believed it in the first place. They are double agents, and still maintain strong socialist views that support wealth distribution, continuous property tax levies (taxation without representation) and BIG and ever-growing government. In essence, they are deceivers – ravenous wolves in sheep clothing that scoff at the public service aspect of the job, and are only interested in power and feathering their own nest.

(2) Alliances are created with members of the opposing party to curry favors so that the people in the “Kool Kids Klub” (whether they be “behind the scenes minions” or those front men/women of the party) will remain in power to receive appointments, job opportunities, and/or other favors that will inure to their benefit. These alliances are strengthened by support from the business community and the lobbyists that keep the Party’s campaign coffers filled with MONEY.

(3) There are “associate members” of the “Kool Kids Klub”. These are citizens that are appointed to the various boards by the Commissioners. They are often repayments to friends and business associates, and many “associates” donate to both parties to ensure that their bases are covered, no matter who holds the office.

(4) Many elected officials and bureaucrats have private businesses that can benefit from them holding public service jobs. Non-profit businesses, family, and friends are used as cover for many political consultants that hold elected office or appointments received through their connections in the “Kool Kids Klub”. Always follow the money.

(4) Attorneys have tremendous influence in Lake County politics – be they in the office of the all-knowing and powerful Oz, or be they the designated attorney-in-chief for multiple communities and boards. To further drive home the point, a well-placed elected official described the legal influence in Lake County as “incestuous”.

Let us give you some examples of those in the “Kool Kids Klub”:

This is Kevin Malecek. He is the leader, major domo, kingmaker, and mover and shaker of the Lake County Democrat Party. He was formerly the Lake County Commissioner until he was, unceremoniously, defeated a few years back by the people’s Commissioner, John Hamerchek.

Malecek is currently the Director of Economic Development of the City of Mentor.

Upon losing his race to Commissioner Hamercheck, Malecek was given a position, along with Amy Sabath (we will get to her a bit later) at the Lakeland Foundation. The two close friends, Kevin and Amy, headed up the bipartisan committee that was in charge of Lake County’s efforts with the RNC. Once the Mentor economic development position came open, Malecek moved right in and Morris Beverage, LCC President, created a position for Amy Sabath at Lakeland Community College reporting directly to him. Ms. Sabath was appointed by Commissioner Cirino to the Board of the Lake County Visitors Bureau, and is on a committee that approves or denies small business assistance from the COVID relief funding. She has also been a paid political consultant to Commissioner Jerry Cirino.

As noted above, many government officials also maintain a private business, but once in public office leaving to go full-time back into the private sector is rare. Six figure incomes with great medical and retirement plans, and the chance to “double dip” (collect a pension and keep your salary) is a strong motivator for politicians and bureaucrats to remain in government. Most government employees have much better benefits than the people in the private sector. As you can see, when they lose their job or are not re-elected, most government workers (especially if you are in the Kool Kids Klub) get moved around and/or jobs are created for them.

Additionally, most advertised government jobs are already filled before the ad is publicly posted. The advertising of the open position, interviews, etc. are just a formality and a waste of time for pretty much anyone who applies for a government job most anywhere in Lake County. Nearly ALL open positions are filled this way, which is another way the Kabal ensures that anyone, but an unthinking and unquestioning order follower, doesn’t accidentally slip through.

Here are more “Kool Kids Klub” members, but this time wearing the “R” label.

Exhibit 1: Sean Blake is a Mentor City Councilman and a registered “Republican“.

On 11-2-16, Mr. Blake supported Kevin Malechek (D) over John Hamercheck (R). Mr. Blake was never censured by the Republican Party for violating Article XV of the Party Bylaws. Mr. Blake is part of the Mentor “Republicans” group, a.k.a. The Mentor Mafia, that hold tremendous influence over the Lake County Republican Party.

Exhibit 2: Richard Thiedeman and Janet Dowling are both “Republicans” and are on the Central Committee. They supported Mr. Blake’s endorsement of Mr. Malecek by “Liking” Mr. Blake’s Facebook post. They too were never censured for violating Article XV of the Party Bylaws.

Exhibit 3: Here is “Republican” Jim Walsh (center) with his two BFF’s Kevin Malecek (D) and the former Mayor of Willoughby Hills Robert Weger (“R”).

Robert Weger (“R”) / Jim Walsh (“R”) / Kevin Malecek (D)

Exhibit 4: Here is “Republican” Jim Walsh with his Democrat colleagues: Judy Moran (D) / Dan Troy (D) and Kevin Malecek (D)

Judy Moran (D) / Jim Walsh (R) / Dan Troy (D) / Kevin Malecek (D)

Exhibit 5: Here is Lake County Auditor Chris Galloway at a Democrat Fund Raiser

Lake County Auditor /Political Consultant Par Excellence/ Never Trumper Chris Galloway (“R”) (a.k.a. Bob Dere in this picture) / Kevin Malecek (D) / John Rogers (D) / Kenny Yuko (Major D at the State level) at a Democrat fundraiser.

Exhibit 6: Here is Amy Sabath (R) – government worker for Lakeland Community College and a paid political consultant to Jerry Cirino with Kevin Malecek (D) and Kenny Yuko (D)

Kevin Malecek (D) / Amy Sabath (R) / Kenny Yuko (D)

Do you see the common thread in all of the pictures? [Hint: Kevin Malecek]

The Lake County “Kabal” of the “Kool Kids Klub” is real, powerful, and flourishing.

It is why Becky Lynch, a true conservative that saved the people of Lake County $1.2M in her first term had a “republican” challenger in the primary…one Gabe Cicconetti.

It is why Kim Laurie who was running for County Commissioner was crushed by the Republican Party even after she won the primary against Chris Galloway with absolutely no GOP party support and only $10K in her campaign coffers. Her grievous sin? She did not support “Just ‘Not So Transparent’ Dave” Joyce.

It is why the Commissioners did nothing when LFC proved that the Lake County Port Authority board was guilty of nonfeasance for not preparing a budget for The Better Flop project, and then reappointed their same cronies to that board.

Ladies and gentleman, it is way past time to clean this mess up. The deceptions are so obvious when you “pull back the curtain”. What we have learned is that the politicians and bureaucrats do NOT want the public to attend meetings or get involved in the County affairs. They want to control the narrative, and dealing with the peasants is quite annoying.

You see the average citizen is not, and never will be, part of the “Kabal’s Kool Kids Klub”!

The citizens of Lake County deserve so much better!


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  1. Malecheck is powerful and a kingmaker only in his dreams. In reality he’s always been a wannabe and now he’s a 40-something hasbeen wannabe who has to beg his corrupt friends for a job. If a politician gives this washed up phony Kevin Malecheck a job it is a good indication that that politician is a RINO, corrupt……. or an idiot.

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