State School Board Gets an “F” for false accusations

LFC Comments: The following article is from the Ohio Education Association regarding School Board Member Kirsten Hills’ organizing role for the January 6, 2020 trip to Washington D.C.

It seems that the OEA President Scott DiMauro has decided that he is the judge, jury and executioner in all school matters. Without first discussing the matter with Ms. Hill, Mr. DiMauro has decided she is guilty of whatever false accusations he deems appropriate.

It is quite easy to see how Ohio’s public education has sunk to such a low point that 70% of Cleveland Public School graduates cannot even read. With the failed leadership of Scott DiMauro and the socialists on the state school board, we would suggest that families seriously think about homeschooling. You are your children are being deceived and betrayed!

DiMauro claims to be a social studies teacher – heaven help us. It appears that he does not even know the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He may want to take remedial courses at Hillsdale or with the John Birch Society.

Here is an article at regarding this matter.

Ohio Board of Education Member Organized Bus Trip to D.C. for “Stop the Steal” Rally

Excerpts from the article:

Kirsten Hill organized for a bus to travel from Elyria, Ohio to arrive in Washington D.C. to join the event, which descended into a chaotic mob raid on the U.S. Capitol

A state Board of Education member organized a bus trip to Washington D.C. to participate in a “Stop the Steal” event, which descended into a chaotic, seditious mob raid on the U.S. Capitol as Congress voted to affirm the presidential election.

The event and riot are inextricably tied to the untrue assertion that President Donald Trump won the November election, not Biden. Supporters of this theory have baselessly alleged election fraud in several states Biden won despite a lack of evidence, increasingly unhinged theories of fraud sometimes linking state governors to Hugo Chavez, or dozens of courts rejecting the claims.

[LFC Comments: We do not agree with the comments that it is an “untrue assertion that President Donald Trump won the November election, and “baselessly alleged election fraud.” There was overwhelming evidence that the November 3rd election was a fraud perpetrated on the American citizens. There were problems with the mail-in ballots as well as the computer tallies in multiple states. The socialists and communists in the Democrat Party think that if they repeat a lie enough times, it will be accepted as the truth.

News Flash to the Socialists and Communists: We are no longer accepting your lies, deceptions and betrayals!


Here is Ms. Kirsten Hills’ response to Mr. Scott DiMauro’s ridiculous innuendos that she may be culpable of treasonous acts.

Kirsten Hill goes to Washington

Kirsten Hill
State of Ohio Board of Education Member Kirsten Hill holding the American flag.


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