Lake County Dilemma…Secret Ballot versus Roll Call Vote

LFC Comments by T. Paine:

The appointment process to replace Jason Wuliger, who resigned as Lake County Commissioner before his first meeting, allows the voters to see behind the curtain. Unlike the Demonic, Deceptive Democrats, who circle the wagons around anyone selected by their leadership, the Republican Party is fiercely divided. When the establishment RINO party leaders anoint their chosen candidate, there is a definite pushback by the conservative wing of the Party.

We are also going to be interested in seeing exactly how the voting process will take place sometime in February. We were told that the roll call vote procedure will be used. That means the Central Committee members must verbally announce his/her vote.

The selection of Mr. Chris Galloway to replace Mr. Ed Zupancic as Lake County Auditor was done by a written, secret ballot on March 27, 2019. We questioned the appropriateness of the secret ballot at that time, but were told everything is legitimate – nothing to see here, so move on.

If the voting for Wuliger’s replacement is done by a roll call vote, we are going to question why the need for a roll call vote rather than a secret ballot.

Unless there has been a change in the Ohio Revise Code since the March 27, 2019 vote, we may have a situation where the appointment of Mr. Galloway in 2019 was not legal since it was done by secret ballot.

We all know what happens to those inconvenient truths….right, swept under the rug.

Note to the Lake County Republican Party: This is known as a conundrum, or being between a rock and an hard place, or a “sticky wicket”. You will have some explaining to do, so you may want to have Prosecutor Coulson, or his staff, prepare your answer in advance.


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