Lake County Kabal’s Kool Kids Klub Roster

LFC Comments: We received the following from a Lake County lobbyist. We did not realize the depth of the Lake County Kabal’s Kool Kids Klub. There are several names on the list that we consider friends, and that is distressing to us.


Lake County Kabal’s Kool Kids Klub

Written by: Lake County Lobbyist
January 29, 2021

I just saw this on Facebook. Wow!!! If you ever wanted a roster of the members of the “Kool Kids Klub” here you go. Everyone of these people supports politician Chuck Hillier, who left Eastlake in a state of fiscal emergency. The hardworking people in Eastlake are still cleaning up Hillier’s mess. This is a list of Lake County’s RINO politicians who don’t care about anyone but themselves. Unbelievable!!! 

[LFC Comments: It appears that the fingerprints of Jerry Cirino and Chris Galloway are all over this list. This is the work of savvy political operatives. This is meant to intimidate the Central Committee voters. If you want to advance in Lake County politics, you must know your place in the political landscape. However, they have done a big favor to the Lake County voters. They have exposed who they control.

Geez, they even brought our retired Sheriff Dan Dunlap, who never met a Democrat he would not endorse.

There is no word of when and where the statue of Chris Galloway, a Concord Township “god”, will be erected by the Concord Township trustees. We will let you know if we hear of any ceremonies planned.

The following is an endorsement of Mr. Hillier by Gloria Majeski, Willoughby Hills’ highly paid Administrative Assistant. Ms. Majeski has an “axe to grind” with “Chuck’s opponent”, so the endorsement is rather questionable since the facts stated about the opponent are totally false.]


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