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[LFC Comments: Please take the time to read the platform of Freedom Party America. We agree with them that our current political parties are basically the save self-serving people that no longer represent the average citizens of the United States. We desperately need to bring back honesty, integrity and transparency to all levels of government. ]


The Freedom Party America Platform is the party’s anchor.  It is designed to serve as a basis for legislation and the general management policies of the United States of America which, successfully campaigned, will bring our civil code and national conduct to within the meaning and intent of the US Constitution and the nation’s founders. 

In short, it is a platform for the generation of public policy in service to the individual citizens of the United States.   As conditions may merit, the platform will change to address those conditions. However, FPA will always immediately update those changes for your review.  Absolute clarity for American voters is our goal.

The FPA believes that the American people have been poorly served by political parties which have become too subservient to special interest lobbies.  They feature rules of conduct which put more emphasis on the money which members of congress bring to the party than to the sober financial management of the nation or to enactment of legislation which both reflects the will of the citizenry and which serves that citizenry as a primary consideration.  The result is that, at present, the two dominant parties are merely varying degrees of the same thing, both taking the nation ever closer to an authoritarian socialist setup.  The FPA is created to return a choice to the American public, a choice which taken that will work to advance the interests of our founding principles and precepts through our representatives in congress.




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