Lake County’s Fairport Harbor Property Tax Levies

LFC research done by Brian Massie, Concord resident:

It is important for Lake County taxpayers to understand that NO ONE in County government is determining if any political sub-division’s request for a property tax levy is warranted. It is therefore, incumbent on all taxpayers to ensure that they understand what is being asked of them, and what are the financial ramifications to their household.

The Fairport Harbor school board members are asking residents to pass an estimated 3.9 mill bond levy for a new school and a .5 mill levy for permanent improvements. The bond levy will be repaid over a maximum of 36 years and the .5 mill levy will be for a “CPT”.

The “CPT” means for a “continuing period of time”, which is plain English means “FOREVER”! When a levy is passed as “continuous” or “CPT”, the political sub-division no longer has to be concerned about being accountable to the taxpayers because the tax will be collected forever.

Here is the official ballot language from the Lake County Board of Elections:

What is the cost to the taxpayers of Fairport Harbor?

Bond Levy: $136.50 per year per $100,000 of home valuation for 36 years [3.9 mills x $35.00]

Permanent Improvement Levy: $17.50 per year per $100,000 of home valuation [.5 mills x $35.00]

Total Cost: $154.00 per year per $100,000 of home valuation [$136.50 + $17.50 or 4.4 mills x $35.00]…since the 36 years will be longer than most residents will be around, we will say that you will pay this FOREVER!

How will this impact the taxpayer’s Housing Affordability Threshold %? [HAT %]

The HAT % is calculated by adding your property taxes, utilities and mortgage together and comparing it to your annual income. When you reach 30% of your annual income your home is deemed unaffordable for you. [(Property taxes + Utilities + Mortgage) / Annual Income] You may not have to move, but you will have less money to spend on your needs and wants.

If your current HAT % is 25%, then you will need to earn an additional $616.00 in annual income per $100,000 of home valuation to avoid moving closer to the 30% threshold. [$154.00 / .25]

Will the levies be subject to HB 920?

HB 920 will reduce the effective millage of a tax levy if the home values increase because of inflation. The inside millage levies are never impacted by HB 920.

The bond levy on the ballot is not impacted by the HB 920 so when your home values increases so will your property taxes – without you having a vote on the increase.

The permanent improvement levy, since this levy is an outside millage, will be subject to HB 920 and the amount of tax collected should remain relatively stable FOREVER.

Here is a document that provides the proof on the impact of HB 920 on the various property tax levies.

How many tax levies and political sub-divisions are the Fairport Harbor residents currently supporting?

Fairport Harbor is currently supporting 15 political sub-divisions and a total of 37 levies!

How does Fairport Harbor School District compare with other Lake County School Districts?

We used the State of Ohio Education website to generate the following reports comparing the various school districts:

Please note that in FY 2013 they stop providing the count of the number of teachers in the school. IN OUR OPINION, THIS IS A HUGE DECEPTION BEING PLAYED ON THE TAXPAYERS BY THE STATE SCHOOL BOARD!

What has happened to enrollment, teachers and administrators since FY 2006?

In FY 2006, according to the Cupp Reports, the average enrollment was 439 students, and in FY 2020 the enrollment was 400. That is a drop of 39 students or 8.9%.

When they were reporting the number of teachers in FY 2006, they had full-time equivalents of 27.5 teachers. It is a secret as to the number of teachers that they currently employ.

The ratio of the number of administrators to students has increased dramatically. In FY 2006 the ratio was 135 students to each administrator. That number has reduced to 66 students to each administrator…translation: They had 3 administrator in FY 2006 and now they have 6 administrators. So they have doubled their staff.

Here are the Lake County Auditor’s Schedule A’s that provide the details of each levy impacting the Fairport Harbor Taxing District #14:

Hopefully, we have provided enough statistics for the Fairport Harbor residents to determine if they wish to pass these two new levies.

The last remaining plank of the communist party is to remove private property rights of American citizens. We are losing the American dream, one property tax levy at a time.


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