What you need to do for Union support

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, very concerned patriot

If you are running for public office and think you need a endorsement from the unions, here are the questionnaires that you need to complete to have them consider you worthy of their endorsement.

My life experiences with unions are super negative. Here is the truth:

  1. As a teenager, I remember my father being “blackballed” by his local 65 sheet metal union representatives for expressing his opinion. He could not find work for years, and had to take odd jobs to support his family. This severely impacted his marriage and our family. This event caused me to never support unions.
  2. As a business owner, I had to pay $25,000 to the union to prevent them from bringing a controlling union into my business. I had to meet with two union lawyers and their complicit judge in Pittsburgh, Pa. From then on I knew that unions were all about control and were no better than the Mafia.

Unions initially started with a noble cause of protecting the workers that were being abused by evil owners. However, over time they have morphed into the evil doers that protect the lucrative salaries and benefits for their hierarchy.

We have been read that the teachers’ union is the most powerful lobbying group in the State of Ohio. One can only imagine the power and influence that they have over the State Board of Education, and legislators that accept their contributions to their campaigns.

Unions are no longer interested in fairness, just power to control everything.


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