Month: April 2022

Are We Becoming the Walking Dead?

“Unfortunately, the truth is that the U.S. is becoming less civilized with each passing day.  At this point, a “Robin Hood mentality” is starting to emerge all over America.  Highly organized gangs of thieves are specifically searching for wealthy targets, and those targets are often being followed all the way home before being attacked. “…Michael of “The Economic Collapse”

Foretelling the Future

“The elimination of meat as a food source in favor of lab grown GMO poison is now being pursued actively, as the regulation, control, and eradication of private farms and ranches is now underway. This can eventually lead only to corporate farms in strict adherence to government and pharmaceutical guidelines meant to destroy the quality and quantity of our food supply.”…Gary Barnett

Courage is a habit

Preferred pronouns are LGBTQ+ terms used to identify pronouns a person wants to be associated with. The normalization of choosing your preferred pronoun in the education system is cause for concern. There are many cases of schools firing teachers for refusing to use a child’s preferred pronoun because it goes against their personal beliefs.