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by Katherine Hine

It was always intended that the American people would hold land privately and without taxation.  This was one of the main purposes of the American Revolution.

Michael and Alison Reese had believed in these principles at one time, thinking that their  unmortgaged family home would always be theirs, to pass along to their descendants. Now  they are facing the indignities and violence that go with foreclosure, known as “fraudclosure” to  a growing number of Americans who have experienced it.

In recent years agents of the corporate federal and state “governments” have been trying to  expand their ongoing land grabs. Those grabs are typically accomplished through predatory  lending, confiscatory taxation, and the notorious abuses of the corporate tribunals whose  agents call them divorce “courts” and probate “courts”.

The corporate state actually owns very little American soil currently but this could be changing.  One land grab effort at the national level involves a 30 mile strip of land running along the  southern border of continental America, extending from sea to shining sea. This was  engineered by the LaPaz portion of Bill Clinton’s NAFTA agreement, which purported to turn  this massive acreage over to highly paid agents running the corporate UNITED NATIONS. 

Other transfers or proposed transfers, such as the quiet but steady surrenders of national park  lands to UNITED NATIONS biospheres, abound.  

More recently the Biden administration has been focused on grabbing about a third of the  continental American land mass.  

However, these transfers are occurring, when they occur behind our backs and without our  express consent, they can be disavowed. 

Fraud vitiates everything! 

Not to be outdone, agents of the corporate STATE OF OHIO have been going into the land  grab business as well. Although the land being grabbed has generally and historically belonged  to the people, there are three pretexts used to justify the STATE’s land grabs.  

One is based on mortgage default. Another is based on refusal or inability to surrender to the  property tax demands of the private, for-profit corporate county, notwithstanding that such  taxation is prohibited by Article I. Section 2 Clause 3 and Article I Sec. 9 Clause 4 of the United  States Constitution because such taxes are never apportioned. 

The third, less common, technique uses the notion of eminent domain. In the latter method of  land grab, the owner is supposed to cough up his land so that the corporate STATE can grab  the targeted owner’s land for a “public” purpose. Such as a baseball stadium, for instance. The  problem with eminent domain, for the corporate state, however, is that the owner would have to  be paid “just compensation”, not an obligation the corporate STATE wants to undertake if not  absolutely unavoidable. 

This writer and others have uncovered at least some of the basic scams that prop up the  mortgage default and “property tax” scams.  

What most people never understand is that when they sign documents with a corporate  “lender”, they are authorizing that “lender” to use the “borrower’s” signature to access the  amount supposedly being borrowed to pay the seller. This way the “lender” lends nothing, but  simply arranges to take the price of the land (plus junk fees) from the “borrower’s” Social  Security Trust fund. THEN, the “borrower” pays for the land a second time, with compound  interest. 

There is no way for the lender to ever lose.

The property tax scam is somewhat simpler. People acquire land by deed from those who are  selling the land, or from a family member who deeds it to him or her.  

The right to transfer one’s land (and the structures on it) to whomever we wish, is an essential  feature of freedom.  

Contrary to what COUNTY agents, BAR members, or title company employees may tell you,  recording that deed is NOT a prerequisite to buying the land. No man or woman buying a  parcel of land may be forced to register or record their deed with the corporate COUNTY. There are no statutes or codes saying so either. Doing so would create a contract and the  Constitution guarantees freedom to contract, along with the freedom to choose to not contract.  

What county agents don’t tell you is that by recording, you are deemed to have received a  “benefit” for which you will be expected to pay dearly.  

For Alison and Michael Reese, a hardworking couple living in Cuyahoga County and raising  children on land that had been in his family free and clear since the 1990’s, recording their  interest in their Cleveland Heights family home did not make a lot of sense.  

However, the ever-busy employees of the corporation doing business as if it were the people’s  county, are trained to swing into action the moment that they do not receive a property tax  payment to which they deem themselves entitled into perpetuity. Without making any inquiry  into the identity of the owners or the fact the owners made the decision to not be compelled to  receive the “benefit” of having their private property recorded, the land grab began.  

With no notice to Michael or Alison, a group of these agents and contractors assumed their  roles and began what they call a foreclosure action against the prior owner in a corporate  tribunal that is not a court. They continued to list the prior owner in their records as the true  owner even though this was false information. 

Continuing their strategy of making no inquiry into the true owners, these COUNTY OF  CUYAHOGA corporate agents proceeded to conduct a “sheriff’s sale”, no doubt without the  prior knowledge or consent of him either.  

How the agents of a private, for-profit corporation calling itself COUNTY OF CUYAHOGA  purported to sell Michael and Alison’s home without their knowledge or consent remains  unexplained.  

Also unexplained is why a man by the name of Mohan Jain, operating a corporation known as  PREMIER HOMES CLE, LLC, would have taken on all the risks associated with buying land  under these circumstances. Unless the price had been right – in the “fire sale” sense.  

While such decisions may be “just business” for Jain and his corporate investors, their home was a major part of Alison and Michael’s entire life, their one treasure to pass on to their  grandchildren.

There were times that the community would not stand for such high-handed  and unlawful actions against hard-working families. 

Are those days gone and forgotten?

See Michael and Alison’s pending common law Notices here: 


Katherine Hine

Katherine Hine practiced family and criminal law over 40 years in the de facto tribunals of STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF OHIO. Once she began to grasp the massive frauds being committed by the corporate employees known as “judges”, she resigned in disgust on July 4, 2019.


 Since that time, she has helped form and is now administering a common law assembly in Ohio, beginning with the Ohio Circuit Court of Record [www.occr2021.com ]. Plans are underway to form a common law grand jury. Hine encourages participation from those learning common law and techniques for disengaging from the corporate legal system. During 2015-2017, she hosted radio shows with WLJA and BlogTalk radio exposing what was then believed to be merely localized corruption.

Those interviews are now archived at www.wljaradio.net and  www.blogtalkradio.com/hiddentruthrevealed.  

New broadcasts about common law solutions are here: https://www.youtube.com/@wljacommonlawundergod.

She currently helps those who are actively resisting the corporate crimes that corporate “judges” enable. The common law 3-Notice process has been helping to empower those whose lives have been compromised by forced psychiatry, mass incarceration, human trafficking, corporate land grabs, weaponized corporate medicine, and predatory guardianship. Hine continues to serve as executive director of the Ohio Network for Children in Chillicothe, Ohio. 

In 2008-2009 Hine was instrumental in utilizing citizen initiative to free the people of Chillicothe, Ohio from the traffic surveillance system being forced upon them by corporate actors. 

She has authored articles critical of forced psychiatry in the Columbus Free Press and  www.NaturalBlaze.com, a book review for Activist Post and one article addressing retaliation against mandated child abuse reporters: Exposé: The Failure of Family Courts to Protect Children. 

She can be reached at wljaradio@aol.com, or through the Ohio Circuit Court of Record at occr2021@gmail.com.


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