Beverly Schilero For Lake County’s Riverside School Board

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

It is very obvious to anyone paying attention to the lowering of the academic standards of Lake County schools, we need to elect conservative, morally sound citizens to our school boards. It is imperative that we counteract the “woke” agenda of left leaning Marxists permitting pornographic books in schools, removing parental rights, grooming the children to perverse lifestyles through the social, emotional learning curriculum, and lowering academic standards in the name of “equity”.

We are supporting Beverly Schilero and Denise Brewster for the Riverside School Board. We can no longer afford to have Jennifer Harden, Belinda Grassi, and Lori Krenisky abuse the taxpayers with ridiculous, unaffordable property tax levies. We have also previously asked Ms. Grassi and Ms. Harden to resign from the school board for conduct unbecoming a school board member. Ms. Krenisky, as President of the School Board, choose to ignore my emails calling for their resignation, and would not address the issue.




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