‘SIM SWAP FRAUD’…scam alert

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

We just received this “Scam Alert” from Linda Goudsmit:

There is a HIGH TECHNOLOGY SCAM going on at this time called *SIM SWAP FRAUD*, it is said that hundreds of people have been affected, they suddenly found that their bank accounts were *EMPTY*

How does it work?

1. The new scam called SIM SWAP starts like this… Your phone network will suddenly go blank / Zero Signal / Zero Bar and after a while, you will get a call.

2. The caller will tell you that he is calling from your mobile phone company depending on your network and that there is a problem in your mobile network.

3. He / she will instruct you to Please press 1 on your phone to regain network. *PLEASE*… at this stage don’t Press anything, Just hang up or *END* the call.

If you press 1 , the network will appear suddenly and in a moment *your phone will go blank again (Zero Bar) and with that action, your phone is ALREADY HACKED*

In a few seconds they will empty your bank account, and you won’t receive any notification.. about it.

It will appear as if your line has been disconnected with no Network, meanwhile your SIM has been *CHANGED.*

The danger here is, you won’t get any transaction alerts.

Let’s be very careful.

Please, send this info to your contacts, loved ones and friends.

Fraud is increasing day by day.

Received from a *Cybersecurity Group*

Many people have been affected. 
Please share so that more people are saved from this *SCAM!*




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