Leonard Gilbert on God and the Family

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

This is the second video by Leonard Gilbert, Director of Citizens Against Property Taxes. He speaks about the role of the family in our society as ordained by God.

We are looking forward to Leonard’s third video dealing with the role of the church in our society. People seem perplexed by what is happening to our society.

The communists knew that if they could destroy the families, babies, education and morality they could collapse our society without firing a shot. Let’s assess where we are today in our society:

  1. Our society now accepts living together before marriage (we used to call it living in sin),
  2. Divorce rates are over 50%,
  3. Same sex marriages is now accepted and promoted,
  4. We have accepted child sacrifice in the name of “my body, my choice”,
  5. Pedophilia is considered “minor attraction”,
  6. Homosexuals are now leaders of some churches as the church deceives with the “thou shall not judge” Bible verse,
  7. Some churches are pushing the lie that the message of Sodom and Gomarrah was that they lacked hospitality,
  8. There are children graduating from high school that cannot read or write,
  9. Public schools are now allowing pornography in school for all grades,
  10. Public schools are teaching children to lie to their parents when the child has gender dysphoria,
  11. Children are indoctrinated with the deception that they can be the opposite gender,
  12. Babies can now be killed in some states up to the date of birth, some politicians advocate killing babies after they are born as long as we make them “comfortable” until they die.

God is very explicit on the role of the family, church and civil government. What has happened is the role of the family and church governments have diminished, and therefore, the civil government has expanded uncontrollably to resolve all of society’s problem. Think of it in these terms:

FAMILY / CHURCH / civil government

has become this

family / church / CIVIL GOVERNMENT

How many churches have opted out of their God ordained role of preaching the revealed Word of God? Is a salvation ministry their only role? Have they conformed to the world. Is Humanism replacing Christianity within the churches? Is their 501 (c) (3) status of more importance than their God ordained role? Stay tuned for Leonard’s next video.


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