Taxation Without Representation and Malfeasance at the Auburn Career Center

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

This is a third article on the CATA versus Auburn Career Center lawsuit. Here are links to the first two articles:

The lack of response from the Auburn Career Center’s Superintendent and their 11 appointed board members to our questions requires us to petition for a redress of our grievances. The problem is we have no elected representatives on the Board, even though we pay property taxes to the Auburn Career Center. So we are reaching out to EVERYONE to see who cares about the average taxpayer.

The never ending lawsuit between Auburn Career Center and the teachers’ union (CATA), and the wasted millions of taxpayers’ funds, has necessitated that we involve our school district’s Superintendent and the School Board members.

Here is a letter that we just hand delivered to Dr. Chris Rateno, Superintendent of the Riverside School Districts. Copies were also given to their Chief Financial Officer and the School Board members.

We will send copies of this letter to our State Representatives Troy and Callender and Senator Cirino.

The decisions and conduct of the Auburn Career Center Superintendent and the 11 appointed Board members, in our opinion, are contrary to the best interests of the Lake and Geauga County taxpayers. They should immediately pay the CATA members what is owed including their retirement benefits under STRS.

For Auburn to continue paying legal fees to fight the Court decisions that found for CATA is to continue their malfeasance of their duty to be good stewards of the taxpayers’ money.

We will continue to monitor this issue and report to the taxpayers in Lake County.

To watch our property taxes being spent needlessly by the leaders of the Auburn Career Center is shameful. To have property taxes extorted from the citizens without representation on the Board is against the very foundation of this great nation.

A Tea Party was held in Boston a few years back on this very issue!


Here are the leaders of Auburn Career Center…

Brian Bontempo

Auburn Career Center Superintendent

Eleven appointed Board Members that are not accountable to the taxpayers of Lake and Geauga County.


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