Local Leaders Need to Step Up…do their jobs or step aside

LFC sent letters via email to Kim Fraser of the Lake County ADAMHS Board, a government agency, and Melaine Blatsko of the Lake Geauga Recovery Center, a non-profit making $500,000 a year, asking them to be more proactive in curtailing the supply of drugs into our community.  To date, we have not heard from them.  Perhaps their stance is “just ignore LFC and they will go away”.  Wrong!   The average citizen may want to contact them to see what overt action they are going to do to stop the drugs coming in to our community.

Here is their contact information:

ADAMHS Board: To contact us by phone, please call : (440) 350-3117 or (440) 918-3117
Kim Fraser, Executive Director kfraser@lakeadamhs.org

Lake Geauga Recovery Centers:   Call our office at (440) 255-0678.
Melanie Blatsko, Executive Director  mblasko@lgrc.us

For those that are perpetuating the myth that the wall on our Southern border is not needed, you may want to read this article sent to us by one of our Kirtland lobbyists.

Remember the deception in play is that the Democrats want more voters, and the Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce want cheap labor.  All the while, the average citizen gets to bear the brunt of the assault with increasing property taxes, and illicit drugs destroying our communities.


Here is an excerpt from the article:

“I certainly support the efforts of our border agents.,” says Pastor Brenneman of Awakening Christian Center. “In my experience, I have observed a major drug epidemic originating from across the border. No doubt a security wall can prevent entry of illicit drugs. The illegal detainees we housed had committed serious offenses fueling the addiction crisis and endangering many lives.”


We need our local leaders to be more vocal in supporting the Southern border wall.  Note to all of our elected local leaders:  YOU ARE GETTING PAID TO PROTECT US…..NOW DO YOUR JOB… OR RELINQUISH YOUR THRONE!

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