Agenda 21…comprehensive blueprint for human society

Thanks to the patriots at for this great article about Agenda 21.  If you have not heard about Agenda 21 [now Agenda 2030], and how it is all about literally totally changing our world, you need to read this article.

Created in 1992, the announced purpose of Agenda 21 was a “comprehensive blueprint for the reorganization of human society.”  We are not talking about “cleaning up around the edges”, but a TOTAL change limiting the world population to ~100 million and converting most of the land back to nature.  The issue the communists chose to achieve their total control was climate change.  We are all being deceived.,%20RANCHING%20&%20WORLD%20FOOD.html#COMMUNISM,_RANCHING_&_WORLD_FOOD_–_ABOUT_TOTAL_CONTROL

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