Month: April 2020…taking no prisoners

(LFC Comments: very clearly shows that they are bringing the truth to the citizens of Geauga County.  They do not let party politics or friendship color the truth.  We say BRAVO!) *********************1776 EDITORS NOTE: IT IS UP TO… Read More ›

Covid-19 vs. Unintentional Deaths

We wanted to share some statistics with you comparing the Covid-19 deaths per 100,000 versus the deaths from unintentional injury. From the Center for Disease Control’s website here are the statistics for unintentional injury deaths: We are told that… Read More ›

Corruption in the State of Ohio

(LFC Comments:  We received a lead today that started us researching the Attorney General’s and Auditor’s website regarding an on-going investigation for fraud.  You may be interested in past convictions.) *********************1776   Convictions Involving Auditor of State Since 2011 All… Read More ›

Food Shortages Coming???

People need to know about possible food shortages.  Here is an article from FreedomNewsUSA detailing how Kentucky State Representative Thomas Massie warns about possible food shortages.

Questions for Governor DeWine

(LFC Comments: We received the following email from a very concerned citizen.  Governor DeWine’s  and Dr. Amy Acton’s decisions to shut down the State’s economy are being questioned.) *********************1776   Questions for Governor DeWine Written by a Concerned Citizen The… Read More ›