Householder No Longer Holds the House

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a 1,000 words….Householder out as Speaker of the House.


    Larry Householder

Householder is ousted as Ohio’s Speaker of the House..Note the Representatives that did not cast a vote:  (4) Republicans and (4) Democrats…

  Diane Grendell [R] District 76
  Ron Hood [R]  District 78

  Bernadine Kent [D] District 25
Michele Lepore – Hagan [D]

Adam C. Miller [D] District 17

Bride Rose Sweeney [D] District 14

   Nino Vitale [R] District 85

Paul Zeltwanger [R] District 54


Local Representatives that voted to remove Larry Householder as Speaker of the House:

  Jamie Callender [R] District 61 –  Kudos to Mr. Callender for doing the right thing by voting YES, and distancing himself from Householder.  If I felt betrayed as he did, I would vote to oust Householder.

John Rogers [D] District 60…thanks for a good vote…



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