Support In-Person Voting…

FON [Free Ohio Now] is sponsoring “November 2020:  In-person Voting” rallies on August 1 and 22, and we invite you to go to to find the rally nearest you.  They’re happening all over Ohio starting at 11:00 am.

Find out where they are being held:

To help get your creative side going, below are some message ideas for signs for this Saturday’s rally, which may spark thoughts of your own:

•    Protect IN PERSON VOTING- #YESonHB680

•    Duty calls, vote in-person

•    Got Freedom?

•    Americans vote in-person

•    Free and Fair Elections Nov 3

•    Justice & Peace for All: Vote Nov 3

•    Open the Polls on Nov 3

•    Vote with Me on Nov 3

•    Keep Your Rights on Nov 3rd
•    Come to the polls with me Nov 3

•    Election Day:  See you there!

•    God Bless America: Open Polls Nov 3rd

•    Vote Nov 3 Like Our Country Depends On It

What could go wrong if we don’t have in-person voting?  Find out here.


As you may recall, we at FON have partnered with other organizations to support common causes, and we are again supporting Ohio Advocates for Medicial Freedom and their push to pass House Bill 680 which states, “No public official shall cause an election to be conducted other than in the time, place, and manner prescribed by the Revised Code.” 

The bill passed out of Ohio House “State and Local Government Committee“ on June 4, 2020 and is now sitting in the Senate “Government Oversight and Reform” committee waiting for a vote.
Just Call
To find additional information on HB 680, and to call the members on the Senate committee,

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