What’s the Problem?


[LFC Comments:  Warren Edstrom of Knox County sent us the following letter he received from his Arizona friend.  He clearly identifies the problem – the current GOP.  Unfortunately, the growing consensus is the existing Republican Party will not solve the problems of the expanding communist influence in our country. 

Whether they are afraid, complicit, or too busy “feathering their own nest” with lobbyist money, it is abundantly clear that they will not fight for the average citizen.  They talk a good game at election time, but the lies, and deceptions by the GOP at all levels of government may go down in history as the biggest betrayal of all time. We need complete new leadership at the top.

Say what you want about President Trump, but he is a fighter for the people, exposes the deceptions, and follows through on his promises.  He is fighting the Democrats, Deep State bureaucrats, the military industrial complex,  RINOS, and a fraudulent main stream media.

November 4, 2020 will be a very interesting day. Be prepared!]


Hello, Warren:

I’m sure you get these things [request for donations] too.  The one I reference was from the Senate Conservatives crowing about a “conservative” woman in Wyoming who won her primary and they want me to send money ostensibly for her campaign.  They have a list of all the conservative “hot points” that she pledges to “fight” for.

The following is my response:

“That’s nice.  We’ve seen rep after rep, senator after senator pledging to “fight” for this or that.  However the truth is that the GOP doesn’t want any of it.  If it did, they would have gotten it done during the Bush presidency and during the first two years of the Trump presidency.

In fact, it makes me sick to think of what they could have done in Trump’s first two years, but did not.  The GOP congressional majority would also have stonewalled Obama, denying him his huge spending and pursuing his obvious “birth” and other issues diligently.

Both parties have since stonewalled Trump, the guy with what the Republican voters wanted.  Since Trump’s election, successive career GOP Attorneys General have all but given a pass to all the criminal acts committed by multiple players to falsely remove the president or prevent his election.

The GOP itself is the problem.  It needs to be replaced with a body of like-minded men and women, conservatives, outside the control of persons other than the voters.  That means there have to be party rules to keep those would-be controllers out.  Until then, our money and our votes aren’t worth much.  We’ll just continue to see the slow walk away from our founding precepts to socialist globalism.”

Don’t mean to be depressing in this critical election year, but look how far down this party, “fighting” for us, has taken us.  We gave them the White House twice and successive majorities at the same time and here we are.

What more do we need to know?  Let’s get every Republican into office
that we can and then let’s found that new party with rules which defeat control from other than the voters.  The voters will go with us.  It’s how we got Trump.



Here is the Republican Platform that we found on-line.  Since we judge on actions not words, it is all MEANINGLESS.  Sixty six pages of deception! [To read each page move the gray square at right margin]

Click to access DRAFT_12_FINAL%5B1%5D-ben_1468872234.pdf

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