Pulling Back the Curtain on the City of Mentor

Updated 4/19/21 8:00 am…added Ordinance 20-O-089

Mentor and Lake County residents have asked us to “check out” the City of Mentor. It appears to be the central hub of the Kabal and the Kool Kids Klub. Let’s see what is behind the curtain, shall we?

LFC Comments by T. Paine:

We continue to receive a great deal of requests to look into the affairs of the City of Mentor, Ohio. It appears the city is the “big dog” in Lake County and pretty much believe they control the County. Their treatment of residents leaves us “scratching our heads” wondering why the elected officials and bureaucrats run roughshod over the residents that they are supposed to represent.

The answer to us is really quite simple – The city officials continue their tactics because the majority of the residents continue to let them. Those residents that push back are dealt with fines and lawsuits.

Sidebar to Mentor officials: We are going to let the court of public opinion decide your fate.

Here is an article we published on March 1, 2021.

Mentor Councilman, Sean Blake, wrote the following article for the News-Herald and that started the ball rolling for many of the Lake County lobbyists.

Mr. Blake certainly is entitled to his opinion.

Let’s name names…

The Kirtland resident that resigned as commissioner was Jason Wuliger, and we confirmed that he spent in excess of $300,000 in his campaign for commissioner.

Here is the article we wrote about the Wuliger resignation:

The gentleman that was elected by the Republican Central Committee to replace Mr. Wuliger was Mr. John Plecnik.

Here is the article we wrote regarding the appointment of Mr. Plecnik.

Even our reporters ‘Holmes and Watson’ had to weigh in on the Sean Blake article:

After reading Blake’s article, we thought it would be interesting to compare compensation of the Mentor City officials to the Lake County officials and the Mentor residents. Here is our records request and the response from the City of Mentor. We must acknowledge that they were very timely and complete with their response to our records request.

Here is another record sent to us by the City of Mentor. It is their Ordinance Number 19-O-034 passed in 6/4/19 dealing with the last payroll increases.

Here is a link to the City of Mentor Codified Ordinances dealing with compensation:

City Council members ensure that they will continue to get cost-of-living increases with this Ordinance: “The annual salary for the members of Council shall be adjusted upward from the preceding year’s salary by a percentage increase equal to the percentage cost-of-living increase…” [LFC Opinion – This was passed on 11/17/20, during the “plandemic”….It takes a great deal of “chutzpah” and shows that council members are “feathering their own nest” while the city, county and state suffers economic hardship. They have lost touch with the average citizen.]

We compiled the following schedule from the information provided by the City of Mentor officials:

[In our opinion, the numbers tell us that there are very ‘happy campers’ at Mentor City Hall! We thought that serving on any City Council was doing our civic duty and not enriching ourselves, but perhaps “working for the betterment of mankind” is a fleeting Utopian ideal.]

We also sent a records request to the Lake County Administrator, Jason Boyd, for the compensation of select County officials.

From the U.S. Census website, we got the income statistics for the residents of Mentor and all of Lake County:


LocationMentorLake County
Population estimates July 1, 201947,262230,149
Median Household Income (2019 dollars)$72,615$64,466
Average Per Person Income (2019 dollars)$36,937$34,409
People in Poverty4.8% or 2,2688.3% or 19,102
Does anyone see a problem? Do you get a sense that there are two classes of people in Mentor – the rulers and the ruled????

We provide the facts. We will let the residents of Mentor decide if they are being treated fairly by their elected officials and the bureaucrats.




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